Decentralized Unmanaged Organization

They define a decentralized organization as the one where decisions are made low by level managers. But in case of unmanaged decentralized organizations decisions are made by no managers but an algorithm realized in a programming code. So, the meaning of being unmanaged in this case is that the organization is not managed by a human or other decision making third party.
To summarize the above, the Decentralized Unmanaged Organization it is an organization which is managed by some programmed algorithm, solely.

Maybe later we will see Organizations managed by AI hosted in a blockchain..:) But today, technology has come at least to the point that we have the ability to embed programmable code in a blockchain which is Turing complete.

Despite this, a huge number of truly decentralized projects have not yet been particularly observed.

The main problem seems to me that people have not yet figured out how to make money on it. And the second largest problem is that a truly decentralized project must have decentralized marketing.
I will take the first timid steps in the development of the ideas of completely decentralized organizations on the basis of SMRT16 project.

Stay tuned for a repository of the project and new posts on this blog!

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