How Smrt16 got 2nd place on the 3rd hackathon from Bank of Cyprus

That time we had such a page:
Smart Wallet is an Android application which we create specially for Bochackathon #fintech3 event organised by Bank of Cyprus. As well as IBM, we strongly believe that blockchain and particularly Ethereum will be widely used in the nearest future.
The application is a mobile wallet of our nearest future where it has a link with traditional banking and electronic contracts. These contracts provide us cheaper, faster way for business and individuals to get access to the all variety of financial services. And most importantly, all this is absolutely consistent with the laws of Cyprus today.
What kind of dApplications we are talking about? Let’s speak about some use cases.

The most simple case which first comes to mind: you will be able to create/update/close a contract with your Electricity company. And/or other communal payments can be managed and payed of course.
The second case is sing up for life/car/house insurances and again pay for your regular bills.

Another case is that there can be loan oriented dApps, which will perform lending and even serve mortgage projects.
Of course through the dApps browser user will be able to have access to electronic money based on stable coins/ethereum tokens together with some investment tools and securities. So, this way the smart app opens a big door to the world of wealth management present over the blockchain.

Here is APK build during hackathon!

They wrote about us:

The 2nd prize (€4,000) was awarded to team #Vasilkoff for SmartWallet, is a system that links traditional banking and electronic contracts, providing a cheaper, faster way for businesses and individuals to get access to a wide variety of financial services. Most importantly, all this is absolutely consistent with the laws of Cyprus today

In Greek:

Source code:

bochackaton #fintech3October 19, 2019

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