You were always on my mind

I have a cousin who most in my family say is crazy. I say so too but I give him a pass on it because I don’t know how crazy I would be if I was from a family of seven brothers and all had died with the exception of one other from Huntington’s disease.

I don’t know if you know very much about Huntington’s but it’s a hereditary disease that’s written on an individual’s genetic structure as a repetition (CAG). The length of the repetition determines whether you’ll get the disease and how early the onset. It is a degenerative disease that effects your muscle control as well as brain responses. He had five brothers to perish from this disease. To him I’m sure this is tantamount to being in an airplane crash and being the only survivor.

This would be too much for any person let alone a human watching his own brothers die with this disorder. And it doesn’t just end there. What about his brothers children? All of them had kids with the exception of two. I’m sure he worries about them.

I moved away after high-school, but I remember each one of them vividly. Their names are Gregory Williamson, Onzar “Boots” Williamson, Vernon Williamson, Clarence Williamson, and Billy “Toco” Williamson. I loved them and they were forever on my mind.

Please let’s work together to find a cure. I pray for you everyday Cuz.