Let’s talk about sugar…

I’ve been on this journey since feb of this year for a few reasons. 1. To take control of my eating and exercise. 2. To stop emotional eating patterns and lastly 3. Look my best for the wedding!

I’ve desided to write on here as some people liked to ready my very real and sometimes very graphic reflections lol. Some of those don’t need to be on facebook. I’m doing “I quit sugar” again. It’s a 8 week program to help kick the crutch of sugar! www.iquitsugar.com

Last time I was able to get through but I only did light exercise, This time I want to go hard out. I now have a gym membership I’d rather not just use as a charity and actually go!

Results from last time: 1 inch from my waist and 8kgs!!

Stay tune for updates of this journey second time around..