Maxine Page
Feb 8 · 1 min read

I’ve had this exact conversation with many white female friends. It inevitably ends in them tearily asking “but what do I tell my white son when he can’t get a job because black people are being advantages?” Once the river of salty white girl tears finally dries up I point out that’s just a fucking falsehood, then I ask them if they would want to run a race against somebody with one leg chopped off, if they would feel that was fair or right. Yes it “hurts” to recognize white privilege, and once you see it you can never unsee it, it also “hurts” to constantly call it out and challenge it. But, it hurts one hell of a lot more to live in an unfair and unjust society, because I’m by far from “color blind” but I do believe we are all brothers and sisters, we should all be equal, and it tears my heart out that some of my brothers and sisters are treated so shittily purely because of the color of their skin (or place of birth). Keep fighting the fight compadre, you give me hope in these hideous times, and, I love your writing and passion. ❤️

Maxine Page

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Maxine Page is a Brit-born ex-tabloid editor who spent 16-yrs selling her soul to Hollywood. Now she lives in Oaxaca—travels, writes, paints & makes weird shit

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