The Rebel: Prophets of Hate
Elliot Coombe

Yeah, I don’t think so. You sound pretty skewed yourselves with the usual ‘end white supremacy’ BS in response to others’ attempts (albeit sometimes also skewed) to stand up for what’s right (as in standing up for the truth, for what’s correct and in the best interests of freedom-loving tax-paying Canadians; not necessarily the political right). What does ‘whiteness’ have to do with that? Why keep flogging a dead Canadian horse which is the endless futile attempts to bait people into becoming divided based on skin colour when there was no division before? This is CANADA for crying out loud. Enough with the imaginary white supremacy garbage. Enough with creating all the groups and subgroups and sub-subgroups of society and pitting them against each other. The only thing we need to ask is who of us is ready to put our lives on the line to defend the freedom of other Canadians, regardless of skin colour, cultural background, etc. Those would be the people worth listening to.

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