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In-depth overview of open source Django-CQRS framework by CloudBlue Connect

Using microservices is like going to the bar: it’s great when the party starts, but you can only hope that you won’t have a headache in the morning.

Please, don’t get me wrong. Microservices are definetly a great pattern, but as always, it comes with the cost. Let me briefly describe one of the main technical problems that you can face dealing with microservices.

Problem 🧐

Each business service operates in a certain subdomain/bounded context, which may be stored in a dedicated database. As services are distributed over the network, data is also distributed. And as business domains are pretty complex, one…

Guide for realtime notifications through SaaS

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Let’s all accept the fact that any modern web application can’t live without realtime notifications. If your cool shiny service doesn’t have them yet, there is a 99% chance that it is somewhere there in your backlog.

Today, speed of delivery is the level of quality.

In other words, there is no question WHY, there is another question— HOW?


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If you have more than one service in any of your projects, you should have probably heard of Correlation IDs already. You may know it under other names, but I am sure the concept sounds pretty familiar. Anyway, let me repeat it one more time for everyone to be on the same page.

Each good technical project writes all kind of operational logs. When there are several independent services, each service sends logs to some log aggregation system. The more services there are and the higher the load, the harder it becomes to figure out meaningful sequences of actions. We…

Or a cool guide for writing plugins for Kong API Gateway

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I am 27 y.o. and I rarely play video games now. Believe me, I am such a boring 💤 guy, that in 90% of cases I would choose to open my favorite code editor instead of Steam, which is covered in dust already. And definetly I do not miss the times when I could be lost for weeks in The Elder Scrolls or Grand Theft Auto. But each time something reminds me of a good old gaming title, a wide-wide smile spreads across my face. Even now, when I write this lines, I can’t stop myself from smiling :)


Overview of Django-RQL framework

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Sooner or later each web project experiences necessity for complex filtering. A social app doesn’t make sense without search by connections. A good supply automation platform needs to filter orders by products or marketplaces. Any online store in 2020 allows you to filter goods by N different categories… I could continue this list forever, but I hope that idea is pretty clear. The open question, though, is how complex this filtering needs to be and what it takes to implement it.

Filtering feels so natural nowadays, so it’s considered that every mature framework like Django Rest Framework has all the…

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