Learn How to Build IoT Apps — Hands-on Workshop

Learn how to build your first IoT application using Node-RED and IBM Watson Services. This workshop will begin with an introduction to Node-RED, a browser-based graphical flow editor of drag-n-drop blocks (called a node) of functionality. Node-RED (nodered.org) is an open-source community project built on top of the Node.js runtime. The workshop will dive into the Watson IoT dashboard to visualize data and Node-RED dashboard to build a UI interface.


12:00–12:50pm: Registration and Lunch
 12:50–1:00: Intro/welcome from Max Katz, IBM Program Director, Developer Advocacy (@maxkatz)
 1:00–1:30: Let’s Learn about Node-RED, JeanCarl Bisson, IBM Developer Advocate — Bluemix/Watson Developer Ecosystem (@dothewww)
 1:30–2:30: IoT Starter Lab
 2:30–3:00: Break
 3:00–4:00: Watson IoT Dashboard
 4:00–5:00: Node-RED Dashboard and Advanced Topics

After the workshop, stay for pizza, beer and learn about What’s New In JavaScript: Learn about Distributed Ledgers, IoT and Node-RED.

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Originally published at maxkatz.org on July 18, 2017.