Git wars: Why I’m switching to Gitlab
Christopher Watson

IMHO, Gitlab Cloud has a very slow loading time and often fails with error 500. You may use self-hosted Gitlab edition, however in this case you will be responsible to do a server maintenance/backups and so on. We have switched from Gitlab to Github entirely after their database incident. Yes, you have to pay about $70/mo for a team of 10, but is it too expensive? I don’t think so, in terms of business, they provide a value — you just focus on your business and don’t have to worry about hosting and server management for your version control system. Also, keep in mind that with team of 10, your monthly revenue should be somewhere in 5–6 figure number. I also saw a lot of small teams who uses a paid personal account ($7/mo for unlimited collaborators) to collaborate on private projects. Just my 2 cents.