How to use Vue.js & TypeScript to

Tutorial and case study of creating pop ups in the most clean and modular way I could come up with.

I couldn’t have predicted that my previous article about modals would need next part so quickly. But I gave it a bigger go than only implementing it. And there was no way with leaving it like that. I tried to make some changes and improvements to make it a proper modular modal system.

Don’t take me the wrong way, the previous article is completely fine at marking out my point on how to approach modals. But it definitely needed clearing things out a little — and here it is.

The saga continues.

The first article answered question — how to…

How to use Vue.js & TypeScript to

Experimental approach on programmatic way of creating Vue.js pop ups.

Before you read any further — this article has next part in which I dwell deeper into the topic and provide my final solution.

I have dug through many solutions for handling modals in Vue.js but unfortunately none was exactly right for my purposes. So here it is — next way of creating dynamic modals in Vue.js. Featuring vue-like data binding & typed data passing.

For the record, this is a fairly new approach to modals making for me, which may lead to unexpected bugs or other problems that I’m not aware yet. …

Maksymilian Łakomy

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