Rationalizing Hillary’s Compromise is Not the Moral High Ground
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Support for Hillary Clinton, as well as the ridiculous rationalization of that support, reveals the true quality of the prosperous white liberal heart. For decades, this demographic has bemoaned the lack of a social safety net, universal health care, and so on. If only those darn Republicans weren’t constantly obstructing, liberals could implement a civilized society like the Europeans and Canadians they claim to admire.

Finally, a viable candidate who has consistently embodied these ideals is presented. Those of us on the left turn to our liberal friends expecting to see hope or at least a glimmer of recognition in their eyes. Instead, we encounter fear, disgust, and endless justifications of why they need to slither to the center. They’re only being pragmatic!

Now that the rubber has met the road, all of that lamentation is exposed as posturing and empty signaling. Wealthy boomer liberals are privately relieved at the rise of Trump, because his existence excuses them from the possibility of making the minor sacrifices needed to pay for policies they claim to support. With Hillary Clinton, backstopped by scary Trump, they can have their cake and eat it too.

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