Pareto Project Update

Since my last update, I have been working away at a couple of pieces, and about a week ago, I uploaded these three songs; Aria №2 (a cello and harpsichord piece), Ballet №1 (a piece for cello, violin, and harp), and Pub Song (a song for bass, flute, cello, violin, and drum). They are fairly short pieces to listen to, but the time spent working out harmonies and melodies, seeing which instruments would work best with what melodies, and general troubleshooting was moderately large, partly due to the fact that the pieces generally involved intricate and rapid melodies that required finessing.

The motivations behind each song played a fairly large part in why and how I wrote them. For example, Aria №2 was created after I heard a beautiful cover of “The Music of the Night,” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, and I wanted a vibrant, resonating piece that had elegance, passion, and a touch of exhilaration and madness. The cello is a fairly underrated instrument in my opinion, and it captures the earthy warmth that I wanted this piece to have, while the harpsichord lent an austere and haunting sound to the accompaniment of the cello, suiting my purposes perfectly.

Next, Ballet №1 was composed after a rehearsal for Mary Poppins, and I wanted to capture a sense of whimsy and airiness, which led to the usage of a lilting 3/4 time signature and choosing delicate instruments like the flute, violin, and harp to lend a gentle sound to the melody, enabling me to weave the melodies played by each instrument into the intricate piece I uploaded.

Lastly, Pub Song was inspired by the Irish reels and jigs that I’d been listening to on repeat, and I wanted to emulate the thumping, exhilarating sounds of a lively fiddle and flute, while taking a slight risk by working in an equally fast paced cello solo. A strong percussion section that consisted of clapping, stomping, and a bass drum (things that would be found or emulated in an actual pub) helped bring the piece to life, and thus provided with vigor and liveliness, Pub Song was able to meet my requirements and be posted on Musescore.

These pieces aren’t as long as one of my personal favorite pieces (Ballad D’Amour, see it on my Musescore page), but in terms of time and effort, producing three different short pieces is a bit more time consuming than one long piece, and this is quite readily meeting the quota I set for myself when I changed my Pareto Project topic (1 score per 2 weeks). At the moment, I am working on creating a longer, more upbeat piece for a concert band, which would be more time consuming, but hey, it should be fun, and hopefully you all will like it when its done. Please leave any critiques, thoughts, and otherwise in the comments section, and enjoy.