Is it desperation? or inspiration?

Life never waits for plans

I have been planning a world travel since Chloe, my soul mate of life, decided pursuing her dream of studying in US. I have been supporting her all the way since and it’s still the same now while she finds out the dream is a joke and decides to quit the program after she studied the first of four semesters. I’m for sure she would be laught and mocked by some friends and even her father who said it’s a dream of waste. No one can know and understand the reasons and the decisions in fact like she does. No one can judge her. It does need to take more courage to make the decision to quit than to enroll. I’m proud of her because of being staying rational to make every decision while the environment and situation change, which is still within Economically decision-making.

However, I don’t know how to face with the situation right now and what to do in the next, even though I forecasted the day might have come. It does disturb all my travel plans which is still nothing for sure but just a main blueprint right now. When Fawkes, my travel mate, and I decided to set South America as our first destination of our world trip, we have already been changing the journey routes from V1.0 to V5.0.

What is more disastrous and frustrating is that all of five versions of our world travel plans don’t include any other countries or continents except for South America.
V 1.0 Clockwise Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil (In consideration of the difficulty of applying Argentina Visa abroad and the limit of valid term of visa starting counted down not from the immigration date but from the application approval date, we choose Buenos Aires as the first stop.)
V2.0 Counter-clockwise Peru, Bolivia, Chile, (Argentina), Brazil (When we have been looking for activities and places to go, we find out Peru is much more fun for us than any other countries. Therefore, we decide to spend our first and most of our five-month SA travel in Peru. Moreover, We just found out there’re some traveler from our country just found an official and illegal way to apply for visa to get into Bolivia in the early 2015. So we decide to make Bolivia as our must-to-go stop and leave Argentina as a substitute due to visa problems which we have to thanks for our “LOSER” colonial government being unfriendly with Argentina.)
V3.0 Clockwise Peru, Amazon river boat trip into Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru,Bolivia,Peru. (After we searched and started collecting information about Peru, we found out more exciting and encouraging route-taking a boat through the marvelous Amazon River from Upstream to Downstream, from Iquitos to Manaus. So, We changed the plan again.)
V4.0 Counter-clockwise Brazil, Amazon River boat trip to Peru, Bolivia, Chile, (Argentina) (When we move on to Brazil, we found out accidentally and cheerfully Brazil once-a-year Carnival starting from Feb.4th to 10th. So, ha…)
V5.0 Clockwise Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Peru, Amazon River boat trip to Brazil ( What! Amazon rainy season starts from February to June. The river in rainy season rises 12m to 20m more than in dry season. In rainy season, Amazon Basin will be flooded by a morning shower or hours-lasting thunderstorm. We need to think about avoiding it by getting south to Argentina first and wait to get a boat trip until the end of rainy season.)

After a marathon-like planning and decision-making, we finally decided to take Version 4.0 as our final route. There is no better time to experience Amazon than rainy season, since Amazon is a “Rainforest”.

There won’t be any D-day if Libra and Pisces are partners!


When we just found out luckily the cheapest flight ticket we can get, I just got a call from Chloe. She said she decide to quit the program before too late and wasting any penny. I knew she had been suffering and feeling disappointed at program, people, environment, culture, cities there for the past 4 months. She had been thinking whether to stop loss. It has been the unimaginably hardest decision to make ever. 41% of budget spent and the past 4 months were already sunk costs. Does the maximum of utility the diploma and classes give to her exceed the decision costs by thinking of almost 60% of budget left, 8 months more to suffer, all of the loan available to be paid back immediately and rest of the budget enough for a-year world trip? It’s all up to her preference and willing-to-pay. At least, it looks like,for her,the value of finishing the program and getting the diploma is far behind the willing-to-pay. If so and she decides to join us, the whole trip would be far different than the original one we thoughts of.

Planning a world trip is never that easy!
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