The truth about article views on Medium.
Eric Turner

I think that the best strategy for small time writers on this platform is to align with other writers in cross-promoting each other’s work. To that end, I have been working on a publication called Wireline that functions more as a writing community.

For any writers hoping to get in on the ground floor, please reach out to me with your ideas and/or writing. The goal is for passionate people to write about their passion, whether it be politics, entertainment, tech, or anything else you can think of. We (by which — full disclosure — I mean mostly I) have already built a modest social media presence. Any articles that have not already been published by another medium publication will be considered, including those that have only been posted to a personal medium account.

To the author of this piece, Eric Turner, feel free to delete this comment if you feel it is too spammy. I won’t take any offense. My work on this platform just seemed relevant to your article.