Why You Should Be Kind to People You Hate
Why You Should Be Kind to People You Hate
Zat Rana

I love this concept of being kind to people you hate. It teaches many important Christian beliefs like; turning the other cheek, forgiveness, love, charity, service, thinking less of yourself and more of others, and many more beliefs that we all should incorporate into our lives.

I think we all have offended someone at some point in our lives. I know I have! It’s hard as we go through life to not do so. We often try our best but despite that we often fall short. Sometimes misunderstanding occur where people become offended and we had no idea!

No one likes to be hated, but at some point of each of our lives we will probably dislike someone and be disliked by another. I’m grateful that even when I’m the one who is disliked, God still loves me and loves the person who doesn't like me. I find comfort in his perfectness despite my weaknesses.

Our human nature also leads us to hold grudges against those who have wronged us. I have learned that the one who really suffers in these moments are the ones who are holding the grudge. Often times the other person has already moved on. Forgiveness, or loving those we tend to hate on can be therapeutic and act as a healing ointment for our wounded souls. The hardest part of this is overcoming our personal pride to get up and get over ourselves.

I’m grateful for the teaching of scripture that help us understand the importance of loving all just as Jesus Christ himself did.