Creator of Mivina, popular Ukrainian instant noodles brand, is the richest person of Vietnam

Construction of Vinhome Central Park at Ho Chi Minh City in March, 2016. Credits: Lee Starnes for Saigoneer.

Pham Nhat Vuong started company Technocom in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1993 after graduating university in Moscow. His instant noodles Mivina conquered the market and became an emblematic symbol in my native country. Eventually successful businessman sold his company, employing 1900 people, for $150 mln to Nestle in 2009. After that in Ukraine we forgot about Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong. But here in Vietnam I’ve learnt that omnipresent Vingroup corporation is founded by the same entrepreneur, who made his fortune on instant noodles in Ukraine.

Mr. Vuong started investing in Vietnam in 2001 after visiting resort town Nha Trang. Today Forbes values his fortune at $2.3 billions, as he controls major stake in Vingroup conglomerate. The corporation is building skyscrapers, shopping malls, hospitals and resorts all over the country. It operates in numerous industries from education to organic farming. Among top 5 richest players on Vietnamese stock market are Mr. Vuong, his wife Mrs. Huong, and his sister Mrs. Hang.

Mr. Vuong is an inspiring example of the prodigal son, who established his life in a foreign land and after gaining success came back to develop motherland. He is dreaming to elevate Saigon and Hanoi to the level of Singapore and Hong Kong. An ambitious and noble goal that could take the whole life to achieve.

Rejoice my Ukrainian friends: while we have been chewing Mivina in our college years we were funding the rise of skyscrapers and modern hospitals in Vietnam 15 years later =)