Back in 2019, a chance meetup between Montenegro’s Capital Market Authority (CMA), and Maxonrow’s (Tech-Solutions Division) representatives at an international FinTech event in Montenegro culminated into a collaboration. This partnership further expedited both corporate entities’ foray into further developing intelligent business solutions and tools that prominently integrate Blockchain into their systems. Through this meetup, the CMA had agreed to enlist Maxonrow in a mutual collaboration to develop a suite of licensingsolutions that are powered by the Maxonrow Blockchain.

As blockchain technology develops and thrives, many corporate setups have faced various business operations and organisational challenges, including server costs, energy demands…

The potent combination of blockchain technology and higher education doesn’t end with universities’ simply utilising blockchain solutions.

Blockchain technology continues to further permeate the world in which we live while disrupting legacy systems and improving efficiency. One area where this may be clearly seen is in the sphere of higher education, where partnerships between technology companies and universities are helping to develop some of the most exciting real-world use cases.

Blockchain technology in higher education primarily dates back to October 2017, when the University of Melbourne became the first university in the Asia Pacific region to issue recipient-owned credentials via…

Maxonrow is changing the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being used today. According to company CTO Carlo Chung, Maxonrow makes every user and company go through Know Your Customer verification and every wallet address must be linked to a real human being who is responsible for it. Why does Maxonrow use KYC technology to power its platform? To give customers more security in a sphere that continues to grow by the day.

Chung has worked on the “technological roadmaps” for a number of companies over the years and has helped develop Maxonrow from the ground up. …

We’re glad to announce the launch of our asset tokenization service — True Asset Issuing (TAI), available starting Sep 1. As a leading technology company committed to helping businesses and governments improve security and efficiency in digital processes, we launched our Maxonrow Blockchain and MAX-Wallet on the same date in 2019. One year later, the company is proud to share another milestone.

With TAI, we aim to optimize financial services and connect the world economy by making value exchange effortless, efficient and transparent. Through the service, users with genuine and verified identities can issue digital assets backed in real life…

Maxonrow is honored to team up with Avantas Tech to launch MedsLOCK, a much-welcomed solution to help combat the global flight against COVID-19.

MedsLOCK is a communication and real-time monitoring platform built on top of the Maxonrow blockchain. Designed by Avantas Tech, with the technology of Maxonrow, the platform is designed to coalesce all of the pertinent aspects of real-time pandemic monitoring such as medical supply chain data, patient metrics, lockdown zone updates, blood donor info, and more into a single interface.

“Privacy is a key issue during this pandemic, and as such, blockchain platforms ensure that information is shared…

We hosted the closing ceremony of our first-ever Hackathon, MAXathon, on October 3, 2020. People from over 30 countries participated and seventeen pre-selected teams pitched their blockchain for healthcare solutions to a jury of seven people, and five teams won from a 15,000 euro prize pool. Check out what went down during the event:

The Winners

There was one winner per each of the five challenges we set participants to solve for MAXathon.

During MAXathon’s opening day ceremony, Holger Schmidt, partner of Strategy& by PwC, delivered a timely and unmissable presentation about the state of Blockchain for healthcare. The insights he shared were invaluable and ever relevant given today’s climate amid the covid-19 pandemic, so we’re sharing his presentation!

Blockchain Health: A Hype?

Holger examines the current state of Blockchain for Healthcare and pinpoints the COVID-19 pandemic as a defining moment that will determine whether current applications in areas such as information sharing and interoperability, supply chain management or medical research (to name a few) could be widely implemented.


Maxonrow builds regulatory compliant solutions for governments, intuitive apps for end users, comprehensive tools for developers. Powered by blockchain.

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