Customer Experience is a Luxury

Living the accelerator life in Chattanooga, TN

This blog is a weekly reflection of WorkHound’s time at Dynamo, a logistics-focused accelerator based in Chattanooga, TN. In week three we discuss some of the learnings from our conversations with 50+ mentors.

When Jeremy Bodenhamer, the co-founder of Shiphawk shared his business story, one insight stood out:

“Customer experience is a luxury”

Most of the audience was puzzled. After a brief pause Jeremy continued:

“Because you have to close deals to solve that problem”

Focus is one of the tallest challenges in a business. With limited capacity we have to act like rhinos and charge at one thing at a time (hat tip to Andrew for the phrasing).

There’s a lot of things that we could choose to focus on. Fortunately we focused on creating value by getting customers and solving their problems. Because we have customers we also have areas to improve. We’re living a life of luxury.

What is WorkHound?

WorkHound is a software platform built to help carriers keep drivers and improve the truck driver experience. Truck drivers use their smartphones to share feedback and ideas with the carrier, which WorkHound aggregates and turns into actionable insights to help manage and retain drivers. WorkHound is co-founded by Andrew Kirpalani and Max Farrell.

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