My challenge to discover more than 50 coffee shops in Toronto…

During my first two weeks working from home in Toronto, I experienced the main inconvenience of remote work. One day, I caught myself emerging from my apartment for the first time at 6pm. The sun has never felt that bright. I was slow to engage conversation. I felt numb. I just spent 12 hours in my apartment. The last human interaction I had was at breakfast with my girlfriend. From my bed to my office there are 5 meters. Working is easy. I am not distracted by anybody, I can get into the zone quickly. However, after a day like this, my brain seemed dead and my body hated it. I sat for too long in front of my computer.

This is why I decided to break my days into pieces and force myself to go for a walk during the day. Nothing is better than a little challenge. In order to walk and discover new places in Toronto, and at the same time get some work done, I decided to go work for couple hours in coffee shops. So my goal will be to discover as many coffee shops as I can, with a minimum target of 50. Here is the list below of the places I have worked from:

Coffee Shops

  1. Rooster Coffee (++)
  2. B Espresso Bar (++)
  3. Milano Coffee (++) (Great coffee, small place)
  4. Dark Horse Espresso on Spadina Av (++)
  5. Dark Horse Espresso on Queen St East (++) (Nice place, employees not too friendly)
  6. Jimmy’s Coffee (++)
  7. Odin Café (+++) (friendly place, lot of lights, #1)
  8. Neo Coffee Bar (+++) (Very nice place, lacks windows)
  9. Caffe Artigiano (-) (Too busy, it’s like a zoo there, no windows.)
  10. Starbucks at Saint Lawrence Market (++)
  11. Black Canary (+++)
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