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Hey, Big Apple, we are coming! Pronko Consulting is bringing their Magento 2 Backend Developer Training and inviting you to join us for these two exciting days. The instructor, Max Pronko, a Magento Trainer and leading developer of Pronko Consulting, will gladly share his knowledge as well as tons of Magento tips and tricks.

The training will be held in New York on May 23–24, 2019. Make sure you reserve your seat!

The main focus of our training is customization in Magento, although we will cover lots of other topics related to the Magento architecture and development tools. …

I would like to share great news with you. We are going to have our first Magento 2 Developer Training.

About the Training

This is going to be a 2-day session where we will have practical exercises and theoretical discussions about Magento 2 architecture and best development practices on building Magento 2 extensions. As simple as that, however the content and the agenda is worth checking.

Usually, developers with previous Magento 1 experience get use Magento core source code and find similar solutions which can be used for building extensions. It can be time consuming, especially with Magento 2.

There are lots to…

A Simple UI Component in Magento 2

Many of you are aware about new type of functionality in Magento 2 called UI Component. It helps to render different content using JavaScript and HTML files and data provided from the backend (PHP) part of a Magento 2 application.

In this post I will cover a creating of a simple UI Component in Magento 2. The “Hello World!” text will be rendered with the help of UI Component on all frontend pages in a body.

The fastest and straight forward way of creating a new UI Component includes the following steps:

  1. Create the module directory.
  2. Create the required registration.php…

I am 31 years old now. Back in 2015 I’ve started a Magento 2 Blog where I share tutorials and articles about the Magento 2 architecture and best practices. Enjoy the collection and if you like to give me a birthday present, please share this article with your friends!

  1. 10 Practical Rules to Build High Quality Magento 2 Module
  2. Magento 2 Static Content Lesson Learned
  3. Important Payment Module Changes in the Magento 2.2 Release
  4. How to Show Payment Errors on the Checkout Payment Page in Magento 2
  5. Improve Magento 2 performance with AWS CloudFront
  6. Magento Tech Digest #1 — News…

In the video, I will show you how we can change positions for shipping and billing address fields in Magento 2 Checkout.

Full video below:

More videos on my channel:

How to create my first Magento 2 Module
How to create Hello World Module in Magento 2

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A couple of years ago I have had a call with the Magento Marketplace team about the quality of the Magento 2 extensions submitted. There was “TOP Quality” badge assigned to modules in order to recognize best in class implementation and quality.

The strategy was changed and Magento Marketplace team removed this badge. But the main idea for me was clear: Once I download the module with the “TOP Quality” badge I expect to see code which I can literally follow as an example for my own implementations.

Since that time I thought to start reviewing Magento 2 modules and…

This is a The Devletter 56 newsletter sent from Magento 2 Blog by Max Pronko.

Have you seen my Legendary Jump into the pool with the Best Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Award?

Why am I decided to show you this? Simply because topic submission for Imagine 2018 has been opened and it is time to submit your topic. I have a challenge to find new way of celebrating awards for 2018. Ideas?

In the meantime, submit your Imagine 2018 topic. Submission closes by October 13, 2017.

Magento Tech Digest #2

I’ve started new series of posts called Magento Tech Digest — News…

MageTitans Italy 2017 organizers: Alessandro, Rebecca and Andra

I’ve had a privilege to visit a developer-focused conference in fabulous city Milan, Italy. MageTitans Italy conference organized by Alesandro Ronchi COO, Andra Lungu Magento Developer at BitBull together with Rebecca Troth, Partner Manager, Ingenico Group. This is my second time speaking at MageTitans conferences. First one was in Manchester, United Kingdom back in November 2016 where I shared success story migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2 website.

Every time I visit a conference I have certain expectations. Usually these expectations are:

  • get inspiration from speakers topics;
  • meet old friends and find new friends;
  • find new technology or approach I…

A while ago I have been working on custom module for Magento 2. One of the task was to create custom attribute for customer address entity in Magento 2. Once attribute is added as part of address it should be rendered during checkout process for shipping and billing forms. Afterwards, value should be stored as part of an order.

My first thought about this was like “Hah, this is a simple task, I will do this super quickly”. But in reality it appeared to be kind of complex once you start doing it.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition provides customer attribute…

Have you ever considered to start with Magento 2? There are a lot of content, blogs, videos about Magento 2 with practical tutorials and how-to articles for developers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are PHP developer with PHP 5.3 experience or JavaScript developer with deep knowledge of AngularJS you can do a lot with Magento 2.

I believe in every single language there is a Hello World application or script needs to be created to get an understanding on how language or framework or platform works.

Same with Magento. I’ve been working with Magento for last 7 years and have…

Max Pronko

Magento Consultant, YouTuber, Speaker, Magento 1 & 2 certified, CEO and Founder at Pronko Consulting

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