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Jun 13 · Unlisted

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MPFI Performance

The Max Property Fund Netherlands was the first MPG Fund to sell out, having filled in under 9 months. The 2018 figures show total property assets of €2,507,111. The fund is now undergoing a re-finance process, which (once completed) will allow for the purchase of an additional €1.5M to €2M of property, which will complete the fund. The portfolio has increased in value and the 2018 annual accounts are being audited. We are not allowed to reveal the numbers until the audit is completed, but we can announce that the projections for the year have been exceeded, and there’s some more good news to come.

MPD Is Going Fast

The Max Property Deutschland Fund is performing well and has (as of April 2019) issued a total of €1,690,000 in property bonds with which a property portfolio of €3,079,192 has been acquired. We have recently signed an agreement with a real estate investment marketing company that has some of the biggest property funds in the Netherlands as its clients. The partnership will focus on filling the remaining spaces in MPD first, and then moving on to the remainder of the funds.

Re-Investing is “Easy As Anything” Via Max Crowdfund

Before the funds fill up, however, there is still time to invest via the Max Crowdfund platform which has been developed by the Max Property Group to streamline the investment process and increase transparency in the industry. This is what Mr. H. Voskuijl (born 1947) had to say about reinvesting via the Max Crowdfund platform:

“I Was at your office on the 11th of June and Jan explained the system. It was as easy as anything. As an existing investor I made a request to invest an additional €25,000 and it was done in seconds. A great improvement.”

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We are releasing a series of guides about the property investment industry and Max Crowdfund. To get your copy before everyone else, please request it here.



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