What We Did This Week At Dominium

Marketing Meeting With Jelurida, ICO Audit, Pre-ITO Date Announced, Platform Translations, Presentations And More…

Jul 26, 2018 · 3 min read
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The Dominium marketing department met with Jelurida’s marketing team this week at their new office in Lugano, in order to compile a long-term marketing strategy involving both companies working together. Dominium and Jelurida issued a joint press release last month announcing Dominium’s adoption of Ardor blockchain technology.

Jelurida is the company behind Nxt, Ardor and Ignis. As a developer, their natural marketing direction is towards the crypto, blockchain technology and developer community. Dominium’s background is more “real world” business-focused with years of experience in global real estate marketing. Our intention is that, by uniting the two companies, we can engage both the blockchain technology and real-world business audiences, to mutual benefit. Both companies are working on ambitious and disruptive projects with a significant common denominator, namely Ardor, and we hope to work together productively for many years to come.

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Dominium’s Gudo Thijssen with Jelurida’s Lior Yafe

We are sending out a big, warm welcome to our new team members this week. Sjoerd Kruf has joined the Dominium team in the Rotterdam head office, and is going to be assisting with social media management. Rois Wongsangiam is going to be the Dominium ambassador for Thailand and is translating the platform into Thai. Joining him as an ambassador is Maksym Podkhaliuzin, and he will be translating and building a community in the Ukraine. And finally, Arek Bykowski-Panciow will be heading up the Polish translation and team building efforts in Poland. He has already started a Telegram group, so for anyone interested in following Dominium in Polish, here it is: https://t.me/DominiumPolska

Our existing team members have also been very busy this week. Esther and Joost gave a presentation today to the Rotterdam Blockchain Community on crypto and real estate. And at a Meetup tonight, Jan is going to be talking about Dominium and how it could disrupt the property market. It’s not too late to attend, so anyone interested in hearing Jan’s presentation or meeting him is welcome at the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam. More details here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rotterdam-blockchain-community-blockchain-real-estate-tickets-48280296667

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Esther Dekker and Joost de Kruiff present Dominium to the Rotterdam Blockchain Community

This week we also received the results of our ICO audit by Top ICO List, who gave us an A-rating. A big thank you to the great team at Top ICO List for the professional and timely audit process!

Finally, we announced our pre-ITO date, which is the 15th August 2018 from 12:00 CET. The ITO whitelist is open to anyone who would like to register for DOM coins at the pre-ITO price of €0.05 per DOM (a massive 80% discount!)

Those on the whitelist will be able to make payment for their reserved tokens from the 14th of August 12:00 CET. If all pre-ITO tokens are sold out on this day the public pre-ITO will not go live on the 15th so register on the whitelist to secure your chance to get DOM for €0.05. Here is a YouTube video explaining how you can reserve tokens: https://youtu.be/kP7xkdA8Jbc

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