Techstars Boulder: The Magic is in the Mentors

The ability to craft meaningful mentor relationships is what separates Techstars from the rest of the pack. Techstars has a great network and awesome partners, but at the end of the day, the magic is in the mentors.

Week two at Techstars Boulder is Mentor Madness. This is where the magic begins. Companies gain valuable insight into their businesses and unlock three to five lead mentors they’ll continue to work with on a weekly basis. Matching companies to their lead mentors is the most important part of this process, and after running four programs, Julie Penner and Natty Zola have this down to a science.

Their process is unique to Techstars and toes the line between curation and serendipity. Where many focus on aligning backgrounds and work history, Natty and Julie anchor on something different: Data.

By gathering data on each and every mentor meeting, more than 750 in total, Techstars Boulder can curate the best possible relationships in record time. Thanks to this data, instead of a chaotic speed dating session, Techstars Boulder mentor madness looks like this:

Startup accelerators promise to deliver growth and insight that early stage startups couldn’t achieve on their own. At Techstars, we sometimes say “Do More Faster.” Mentor relationships are key to delivering on this promise, and Techstars Boulder keeps its word.

Since implementing this data-driven mentor matching, Techstars Boulder has produced top-performing classes two years in a row. Boulder 2015 is 100% active and has raised $21,890,000 and Boulder 2016 is 100% active and has raised $10,740,000.

As with all early stage startups, only time will tell. For continued coverage of Techstars Boulder 2017, follow myself, Natty Zola, and Julie Penner.