How Podcasts are Changing the Business Landscape

Max Sakiewicz
Feb 21, 2019 · 2 min read

Some of us may have heard from our grandparents that they used to sit by the radio when they were young and listen to the daily disc jockey. While that may sound so old school and boring, “radio” has come back in a new form in the way of podcasts. Like I’ve heard before, ‘what is old becomes new again’, which is exactly the reason why podcasts have become a major player in the content creation space.


Podcasts have become a place where content creators have amassed massive audiences that become loyal listeners. And wherever massive audiences arise, shortly after sponsorships follow. Podcasters with huge audiences have capitalized on the fact that their listeners tune in weekly to listen to what they have to say. And since they consistently tune in, then companies will often pay the podcasters to advertise.

Another way podcasters monetize their audiences is by sponsoring their own businesses. A great example of this is Grant Cardone. Grant is known for having a sales training program that helps sales executives improve their strategies to boost performances. Grant often talks about his program on the podcast which helps him to drive more sales into his business.

Podcasts have opened up another avenue for people to drive revenue into their businesses as well as their pockets.


Podcasts have given people who are relatively unknown the opportunity to build credibility for themselves in any given space. When someone is putting content out consistently for others to hear and digest, then that will allow the listeners to determine the credibility of the person speaking. And in this day and age, anyone can be checked within seconds to see if what they are saying is accurate.

When the face of a company is consistently putting out podcasts, that will allow the customers of that company to build more of a connection. The customers may (or may not) realize that the person speaking is relatable and credible which will allow that business to expand in a way that is based on genuine trustworthiness.

Podcasts will have forever changed business and content creation. People can now build a rapport with an audience that was never available before. They can have a personal and knowledgeable interaction with their audience which can build customers for life. Having that ability will not only allow for the content creator to monetize with a greater effect, but they will also be able to build a credible personal brand.

Max Sakiewicz

Max Sakiewicz

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