Last year, back when society was ‘normal’, and we hadn’t even really heard of Wuhan, and Corona was just a brand of beer, I had a few drinks with one of my best friends in all the world, and he looked across the table at me, and asked me if I’d do him an enormous favor — have an affair with his wife.

‘What on Earth are you talking about?’ I said, smiling because I thought he was joking.

‘I’m serious,’ he said, and he certainly seemed serious. …

She said, ‘How about tonight?’


‘Sure. The waiter’s been flirty all night.’

‘Oh. Okay.’ My heart felt as though it was going to burst out of my chest.

My girlfriend, Lizzy, was always the more courageous of us, I think from the very beginning our relationship was one of those opposites attract type of deals. I grounded her. She challenged me.

I was also content for her to take the lead on sexual matters because she had had three boyfriends before me, whereas she was the first person I even kissed. She’d been sensitive and understanding when coaching me…

Max Sebastian

Erotic sketches from the author of The Madeleine Trilogy and Marriage 2.0 — 18+ Only.

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