Another Man In Our Bed

A couple on second honeymoon decide to take full advantage of their time away from the kids, with a naughty little adventure

Max Sebastian
17 min readNov 16, 2022


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It was supposed to be a second honeymoon. Ten years after they’d gotten married, it was the first time in seven years since they’d been on their own for an extended period without the kids.

They could do anything.

And yet all they were doing was lying on a beach, doing nothing.

‘It isn’t doing nothing. We’re relaxing,’ Lizzie insisted whenever Colt complained that they were wasting their special week stretched out on the sand.

‘It just feels like we should be taking advantage of it,’ he said, trying not to seem like he was whining all the time.

The suggestion that handing off the kids to their parents could facilitate a second honeymoon came with hints that flying out to the Bahamas might mean a week of romance for them.

But the first night, they’d both felt too sweaty and unsettled from the flight; the second night, Lizzie had imbibed a few too many pina coladas from the poolside bar, and then last night, they’d decided to set the mood by going into Nassau for the Junkanoo parade. When they got back, they were both just exhausted.

It seemed like the closest they’d come to sex all week so far had been when Colt had caught Lizzie staring at the package on one of the guys who wandered the beach selling water bottles.

‘What? A girl can dream,’ she’d joked, blushing furiously.

It wasn’t exactly Lizzie’s fault that her attention had flicked to the massive bulge in the guy’s tight swim trunks. He’d been flaunting it at her as part of an overt flirtation that appeared to be one of his key sales strategies — practically ignoring the fact that Lizzie was obviously here with her husband.

Colt hadn’t been jealous. He didn’t care if Lizzie checked out other guys. It wasn’t like he never checked out other women, and that never meant anything.

But it had highlighted the dismal quality of their ‘second honeymoon’ so far.

That fourth night, Colt made sure they had a reasonably early dinner and that neither drank too much so that they could get back to the room and, at the very least, have sex.

Even then, when he suggested they retire to the bedroom, Lizzie complained that it was early to go to bed. They had ended up watching a pay-per-view movie on the TV before finally getting to bed feeling tired anyway.

They’d had sex, sure. But it had been a quickie. Insert tab A into slot B. The familiar once-a-month sex that had featured in their marriage even since Donna had come along.

Now it was Day 5, and they were back on the beach, lying in the sun as though they were waiting for something.

‘Well, what do you want to do?’ Lizzie said, as though he was being unreasonable for feeling like they were pissing away their precious week away from the kids.

‘I don’t know…’ he moaned. ‘It’s just… we could be doing this kind of thing if we had the kids with us.’

Lizzie smiled. ‘You’re kidding, right? We’d be here for ten minutes, and then Robbie would be, like, ‘I’m bored.’’

He couldn’t argue with that.

‘And we’d be constantly worried about what the heck we’re supposed to feed Donna.’

Colt sighed. He was losing this argument, he could feel it. Lizzie’s superior logic would keep him on this beach, doing nothing until it was finally time to fly home and return to normality.

‘Just enjoy your time off work,’ Lizzie insisted.

‘I just…’ he didn’t entirely know what he wanted, that was all.

‘You want to go swim with the dolphins, is that it?’

He shook his head. ‘No. I really don’t.’

‘Or spend a day scuba diving? You hate going underwater.’

Another sigh. He didn’t want to tell her they could have lain on a beach in New Jersey and soaked up just as much sun as they were here.

He didn’t quite know how to put his feelings into words.

She was about to bury herself in her airport thriller when Colt blurted out, ‘I just thought… you know… on a second honeymoon… we’d be able to be a little more… you know…’

That roused her interest, somehow.

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, one eyebrow rising up in curiosity, and said, ‘A little more… what?’

Well, this was it, wasn’t it? She’d probably laugh at him. Tease him for months, even years. But it felt like this was the only moment he could possibly say it…

‘I don’t know… a little more… naughty.’

‘‘Naughty’?’ she said, a wry grin spreading across her face.

It was a stupid-sounding word, he had to admit. The kind of word that should be for the use of toddlers only. But he couldn’t think of an alternative at this particular moment.

He was about to attempt to defend his outburst, or tell her to just forget it, when she said, ‘What kind of naughty?’

Like she was actually interested in the idea.

And now she seemed hooked, he desperately wished he had something naughty in mind to suggest. But his mind was blank. Suggesting they simply go back to the room for sex seemed a little lame, considering the fact that the word ‘naughty’ was apparently now on the table.

‘I don’t know…’ he said, floundering.

But Lizzie wasn’t letting this idea go just yet. She said, ‘Well, ‘naughty’ like we should go to a strip club. Or ‘naughty’ like we should go steal a boat and sail off to an island somewhere?’


‘Or ‘naughty,’ like we should wade out into the sea and have sex in broad daylight with all these people around?’

He was a little impressed by her creativity, but Lizzie had always been creative.

‘I don’t know… I think maybe… the latter…?’ he said.

She smiled. And then he saw her bite her lip like she was really thinking about it.

She said, quietly, ‘I’m not sure it really works, having sex in the water… and there’s so much sand about. It gets everywhere…’

She was talking down the whole idea — and yet her tone of voice sounded as though she was honestly trying to think of a way to make it work, or come up with some alternative.

‘We could go up into the dunes somewhere?’ she said.

But this was Paradise Island. The whole place was developed. There weren’t really dunes, per se, there were a few inaccessible areas of scrub, and even they were overlooked by buildings or pathways.

Colt was just thrilled that she was trying to come up with something.

And then, while they were thinking, one of the guys selling water bottles came by, recognizing Lizzie from previous sales attempts, feeling even more comfortable approaching her because of it.

‘Pretty girl… I have what you need… right here… nice cool water… or even better… you and me go someplace… I’ll make sure you’re satisfied.’

Lizzie glanced at him and smiled, and blushed, and then Colt saw her eyes flick downward again, taking in the sight of the guy’s colossal manhood pushing against the tight swim trunks.


Colt had no idea where the idea came from, or how on Earth he suddenly felt bold enough to suggest it. But suddenly, he was saying under his breath: ‘You want to, honey?’

Lizzie looked sharply at him and silently gasped.

Colt shrugged, not sure why he suddenly liked the idea of his wife going to bed with this incredible specimen of a man, but very definite in knowing that this was what he wanted.

He said to the guy, ‘We have a room… just up there in the hotel.’

And a big, bright smile stretched across the man’s jovial, handsome face. He started looking Lizzie up and down, but there was no question at any point of him turning down the prospect of a little intimate time with her.

‘Now we are talking,’ the guy said, gazing at Lizzie sitting there in a pale blue bikini.

Lizzie clearly enjoyed the way he was looking at her, but she was somewhat dumbfounded at what Colt was doing.

He said to her quietly, ‘Don’t you think it would be fun? I mean… nobody has to know…’

It was that last part, the ‘nobody has to know’ that seemed to jostle her out of the astonished daze, and into a more calculating frame of mind.

She gazed up at the guy and said, ‘You’re not… I mean… we wouldn’t have to… I mean… do you…’

They could see on his face that he understood exactly what she was trying to ask him. That this was not, in all likelihood, his first rodeo.

‘You could buy a bottle of water if you like,’ he said. ‘But I’m not selling anything else. I can take a break, though…’

Lizzie smiled, and despite the continuing disbelief on her face, she glanced at Colt with evident delight.

And then neither of them could quite believe it, but they were packing up their beach stuff, traipsing back up the beach, taking a friendly local back to their room for a few lunchtime drinks.

When they got to the room, there seemed to be an unspoken rule already firmly in place between them: No questions.

Lizzie wasn’t going to ask her husband why, on Earth, he would want his wife to sleep with another man.

On the other hand, Colt wasn’t going to ask Lizzie whether she was really, really sure about this. Whether she’d thought it through. Whether this was a good idea for their marriage.

They wanted ‘naughty.’

This was ‘naughty.’

After a few drinks from the mini-bar — vodka tonic for Lizzie, Peroni beer for Colt, water for their guest — Lizzie lay down on the bed expectantly.

Their guest, whose name turned out to be Oliver, stood at the foot of the bed and stripped of his trunks — revealing that nothing they had seen of his bulge had been in any way faked.

Lizzie gasped at the sight of the man in all his naked glory. He was tall, dark, and very powerfully built. Nothing like her husband.

Colt wasn’t sure what the plan was. He just stood there like a lemon for a few moments, trying to keep his jaw from dropping to the floor. He was trembling, his entire body fizzing with adrenaline, and caught between diametrically opposed emotions: abject terror and exhilarating excitement.

Oliver calmly padded him on the shoulder and tilted his head toward the armchair in the corner.

‘You can sit there, my friend,’ he said with another of his high-wattage smiles.

And then there was a big, powerful, naked man lying on the bed with Lizzie, nuzzling into her, making her giggle as he kissed her neck just beneath her ear. Making her sigh as his hand swept down over her body.

Making her moan as his fingers dipped beneath the flimsy pale blue polyester of her swimsuit.

Colt sat, feeling just stunned to watch another man stirring his fingers within Lizzie’s bikini bottoms. There could be no doubt he was touching her pussy, for God’s sake. And Lizzie was smiling and moaning — and reaching her own hand back to get a feel of the man’s enormous erection.

Why was it so thrilling to watch? She was cheating on him. This went against everything a husband was supposed to believe about his wife.

She looked so beautiful; there was no doubt that Colt felt pride. This guy wanted so badly to fuck Lizzie, but she was Colt’s wife. She was gorgeous, lying there in that skimpy bikini, her leg now slung over his, his hand grabbing hold of her world-class tits — her hand grabbing hold of his dreadnought-class cock, bringing it between her thighs to stroke it against the thin material of her swimsuit.

Jesus, this was really happening.

Talk about naughty.

But it was only sex, right? And nobody was going to say anything to anyone else about it afterward. They were safe to just explore and have fun.

Lizzie was sighing and moaning and rubbing another man’s cock along the groove of her pussy. Christ.

Oliver saying to him, ‘Your wife is so beautiful, my friend. The most beautiful girl on the beach today…’

Colt just nodded and stared as Lizzie picked herself up from the bed, knelt between Oliver’s powerful thighs, brushed her long, silky hair back over her shoulders, and then ducked down to take his cock in her hands — and stretch her lips around its tip.

It wasn’t exactly easy for her to suck on the guy. She could barely even get its tip into her mouth without dislocating her jaw. And yet it was a thrill for her, this cock that wasn’t her husband’s. She gave it slow, sensual licks along its entire length and did her best to suck on his tip.

Such a big cock,’ she breathed, and Colt loved how awestruck she seemed.

Oliver laughed and groaned as she worked on his length. She didn’t need to get it all down her throat. It was hot to see that thing up against her pretty face. Her voluptuous lips stretching around such an obscene object.

Oliver urged Colt to come closer. Colt did as he was bid, dragging the chair up to the side of the bed to get a close view of Lizzie sucking on that huge dick.

‘She ever have something like this before?’ the guy asked.

Colt said, ‘I don’t think so.’

Lizzie pulled the thing from her mouth, her lips smacking, and giggled. ‘Nothing like this.’

She seemed to be warming up; she could now get a few inches of it into her mouth. Colt leaned in, put a hand on her shapely behind, stroking her, encouraging her. Her flesh was so unbelievably hot, even with the rigorous air conditioning this hotel offered in all its rooms.

Lizzie reached between her thighs, touching herself while she sucked on him. Oliver turned his head to Colt, said: ‘You can take those off if you like, buddy.’

The guy’s relaxed attitude was reassuring.

Lizzie said, ‘Yeah, take ’em off, sweetie. You have nothing to worry about.’

Colt wasn’t going to worry about having a smaller cock — it seemed like everyone in the world had a smaller cock than this guy. This was so wild. What difference would it make if he took off his trunks and started stroking himself while Lizzie fooled around with this chiseled adonis?

After removing his trunks, Colt sat down again to watch Lizzie kneeling to remove her bikini top.

He sat, entranced, as she removed her bikini bottoms, too.

Then Oliver was up on his knees, running his hands over her naked body as though he couldn’t quite believe his eyes. Then they were kissing, right in front of Colt — making out like teenagers. It was messy, sexy, and somehow more intimate than anything Colt had witnessed thus far.

Sucking on each other’s faces like they’d never done this before.

Lizzie’s hands reaching for Oliver’s leviathan of a cock.

But then Oliver had her down on the bed — he put her on her back, almost like a wrestler slamming an opponent onto the mat.

‘Got to get her really wet,’ the big man said to Colt before diving between her thighs, wedging his face against her pussy.

Lizzie squealed as he ate her. Colt had never heard anything like it — certainly not from Lizzie’s lips, and not from any of the women he’d dated before her. He didn’t envy Oliver his monster cock, but at this moment, he envied the man’s ability to rock a woman’s world with his mouth like that.

Lizzie was gasping for breath, her eyes clamped shut, her cheeks all flushed, her body writhing and shuddering as the man fucked her with his tongue.

How could a man make a woman feel that way with his mouth?

Oliver’s entire face glistened with her juices when he finally came up. Colt could smell her arousal thick in the air — he had no doubt his wife had never been this wet. Oliver pulled himself up and kissed her on the lips — and Lizzie kissed him back willingly, eagerly, though his mouth was saturated with her wetness.

She had no time to recover her breath. Oliver was up on his knees between her thighs, dropping that massive organ of his onto her abdomen.

How on Earth was it going to fit inside her?

Colt was breathless himself, at this point. This was really it. Everything else that had come before had been mere foreplay. Everything that had come before had been a little naughty, a little frisky, a little close to the bone. This, however, was the line actually being crossed. The moment of no return. Lizzie actually committing adultery.

At least under the terms of their wedding vows.

Oliver stroked the enormous tip of his cock against the soaking-wet petals of Lizzie’s flower. She opened her thighs as wide as she could for him — reminding Colt that she’d been a college gymnast when they’d first met.

Colt gasped as the man tucked the tip of his cock inside his wife’s sex.

Even Lizzie strained to lift her head so that she could look down and confirm with her eyes the insanity she could feel between her thighs.

Then the guy sank a few inches into her, and Lizzie was squealing again. Colt had a hard time deciding whether she was experiencing utter pleasure, or if she was in genuine pain from the noises she produced.

But then she cried out, ‘Oh yeah…’ and it tipped the balance in favor of pleasure.

She looked at Colt and said, ‘It’s so fucking big.’

And the way she looked at him, the way she sounded, the fact that this huge man was fucking her right in front of her husband, Colt very nearly came in his hands right there.

And then, slowly, Oliver was fucking her with that monumental tool. Working it inside her like she’d paid for some tantric experience. Warming her up, stretching her, preparing her.

‘Oh yes… yes… yes…yes…’

Colt wondered if he’d ever be able to satisfy his wife with his own cock ever again. Had he ever truly satisfied her? From the noises she made, it seemed like her husband had never really achieved anything sexually with her at all.

Oliver held her knees and fucked her in front of her husband, and Lizzie yelped like an injured dog.

Colt moved to the floor by her and took hold of her hand, occasionally leaning in to kiss her sweat-smeared face. It gave him odd recollections of being there with her at the births of their children. The wonders of the female anatomy.

She was beginning to get used to his size by the time he flipped her over, and had her on all fours. Colt enjoyed seeing her this way — there was something animalistic about it, but of course, it was doggy-style — particularly having her face him while Oliver fucked her from behind.

Seeing her blissed-out expression as the man fucked her. Kissing her deeply on the mouth as the man fucked her. Tasting the man on her lips as he fucked her.

‘Oh, Jesus, honey, it feels so good…’ she whispered between kissing her husband.

‘Feels so fucking good…’

After she came — the kind of orgasm that made Colt almost believe she’d never experienced one before — Oliver withdrew and allowed her a little breather. She lay across the bed, panting for breath, beaming from ear to ear as her sparkling blue eyes connected with Colt’s.

She seemed to take delight in the fact that he was beating off to the sight of her being taken so royally by another man.

‘This naughty enough for you?’ she asked her husband.

Colt smiled and nodded.

Then Oliver was spooning behind her, sliding his massive cock back inside her, thrusting slowly again. Colt moved in to watch them, pressing his chest to the mattress as he came within mere inches of their union. Watching their adultery up close, seeing the man’s colossal dick sinking into her, lubricated with her wetness, her sex stretching wide to accept it inside.

He was right there when the man came inside his wife.

He was right there, seeing the man’s body jerk and shudder like he’d been connected to the mains. The piston thrusting into Lizzie’s sex was now lubricated by a thicker, whiter oil.

At least there was no way she could be made pregnant. But still, something about this other man mating with her, inseminating her, fertilizing her, tweaked another unexpected fantasy that had been hidden away in Colt’s brain.

Why was this so hot?

Was it simply that it was so depraved? So different from all their marital experiences before?

It was so very wrong — and that made it feel so incredible.

When he was done, Oliver was back on his feet, pulling on his clothes, leaving Lizzie and Colt there on the bed, just wrecked physically and emotionally.

‘You are a lucky man, my friend,’ he said to Colt as he pulled on his trunks.

’Thank you…’ Colt said uncertainly.

Oliver gave him a serious expression. ‘You have some cleaning up to do, I think.’

Colt gazed down at Lizzie, who lay sprawling across the bed, all flushed and sweaty and seemingly soaked with come from the waist down. She smiled at him, showing love, affection, and gratitude.

Then Oliver grabbed his bag of water bottles and headed for the door.

He paused on his way out, pulling a bottle from his bag before tossing it to them on the bed.

‘For that, you get one on the house,’ he grinned.

And then it was just the two of them again, and Lizzie was just his.

They lay for a long while and just kissed each other — slowly, gently, tenderly. Sucking on each other’s lips, touching each other’s tongues together, breathing each other in.

Again, it did not seem like the time for questions. There was no need to ask whether it was okay, whether they were still good, or whether anybody was jealous, upset, or afraid.

He kissed her neck, and she moaned quietly.

He tasted the salt on her breasts, and she sighed and arched her back to push them out for him.

He lodged his face between her thighs and sampled her freshly defiled sex, inhaling that strange scent of her adulterous sex, lapping up that curious cocktail from his wife and her suitor. Offering her affection and devotion and the certainty that he wanted her now like never before. Providing her a different kind of pleasure, which came as welcome given the rough treatment before.

And yes, she was squealing and yelping as he made her come with his mouth. It made him feel the thrill of indisputable success.

Later, she would explain that as incredible as Oliver had made her feel with his powerful physique, talented technique, and that gargantuan erection, her husband could make her feel just as good, in a different way.

Part of it was an unbelievable thrill from knowing how much her husband wanted her after she’d been — and because she’d been — just a bad girl. Part of it was from a certainty she got that this would not be the last time her husband would want her to have such an experience.

Part of it was because Oliver had left her entire body throbbing and ringing — and tuned to the point that once he was gone, the slightest touch could get her going again. So while her husband might not be Casanova in the flesh, he could do enough to get her back through the gates of Heaven.

And part of what made it so wonderful when her husband tenderly made love to her after she was so forcefully fucked by another man was precisely because it was making love rather than fucking.

Instead of him thanking her, then walking out the door, Colt could lie with her once they were done, holding her, kissing her, murmuring sweet nothings in her ear until she was ready for sleep.

‘Why did we never do this before?’

‘I didn’t know we could.’

‘People never tell you about how marriage really is.’

’So what happens when we get home?’

‘We persuade granny and grandpa to take the kids more often.’

’And then what?’

‘We find someone with a very large cock to come to take proper care of you.’

‘Mmm, I like the sound of that. You think we’ll find someone like that?’

‘I’ll bet there are thousands of guys back home who’d want to take care of you, honey.’

‘You know how much I love you?’

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