Erotic Fiction / Cuckold story

The Waiter

A young couple exploring their newly-discovered voyeur-exhibitionist kink are tempted by a flirty waiter

Max Sebastian
12 min readJul 31, 2019


“Tonight, she was pushing us into fulfilling secret fantasies” [Image: LightField Studios]

She said, ‘How about tonight?’


‘Sure. The waiter’s been flirty all night.’

‘Oh. Okay.’

My heart felt as though it was going to burst out of my chest.

My girlfriend, Lizzy, had always been the more courageous of us. I think from the very beginning our relationship had been one of those opposites attract type of deals. I grounded her. She challenged me.

I was also content for her to take the lead on sexual matters because she had had three boyfriends before me — whereas she was the first person I even kissed. She’d been sensitive and understanding when coaching me up as a complete novice, but every now and then our progress would take a real leap forward, as though she reached a limit to her patience, and just wanted to get me up to full speed.

Here was me thinking she was happy enough spending an afternoon lying in the middle of a nature reserve with me between her legs, faithfully lapping at her pussy. Or bouncing around on her roommate’s bed, slamming herself down on my cock in clear contravention of the roommate’s code. Or stealing her sister’s lingerie so she could tease me for once hitting on her sister before we went out, before I thought she would ever be interested in the likes of me. And really, she was already thinking about the next great turn-on, the next boundary we might push.

Tonight, we were eating in a quiet restaurant, for once, purposefully choosing somewhere obscure so that we could take a break from the relentless socializing of sophomore year. I thought we’d probably have a nice meal, get relatively inebriated and then go home and work it off between the sheets. But Lizzy was so much more creative than that.

‘Okay. We’ll ask for the check,’ she said, ducking down so her face was just inches from the starched white tablecloth, her voice conspiratorially low, ‘and then I’ll excuse myself to go to the restroom.’



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