You’re Supposed To Experiment

Two college students trying new things want to invite a stranger to join them in bed…

Max Sebastian
11 min readOct 25, 2021


You’re supposed to experiment — a cuckold menage threesome erotic story
“It’s college… It’s normal to have sex with lots of people“ [Image: BigStock/everest comunity]

How can it be this easy? And yet it can, when your girlfriend looks like this. When she dresses to impress. In college, guys just want to have sex. What do they care if she’s got a boyfriend already, if she’s attractive?

So here we are, at a bar.

Guys are talking to her. Making her smile, laugh. Staring down her top. Buying her drinks. Am I jealous? Strangely not. She keeps glancing behind her, checking I’m still here. Quickly assessing me each time for signs that I’m not handling it well. But I am.

She sits there, twirling her hair in her fingers, crossing her legs to draw his eyes down, where her minidress hardly covers her thighs. And she shows me how easy it would be, if we were ever to split up, for her to find someone new. It wouldn’t be the same for me. It would take me a long time to find someone new. But then, perhaps she’s ruined me for other women. She shows me how easy it is for her to just walk out to a bar, and meet guys who would want to take her home for sex. Guys who might even want a relationship.

And yet, it’s clear she’s still with me.

The whole reason she’s doing this, is for me.

She looks at the guy and gives a little nod, and then slips off the bar stool. Walking toward me, she smiles, a twinkle in her eyes.

‘This is Oliver,’ she says, just like that. As if it’s no big deal.

Oliver gives me a little nod, the corners of his mouth curling up into a wry smile, a smile that says he knows about me and Ava. He knows our little game. He knows, and he doesn’t care — he’s down for it, if he gets to fuck Ava.

I give him a little nod back. Trying to look cool, collected, calm. That we do this all the time, that it’s no big deal. That I know he’s going to have sex with my girlfriend, but that afterward, I get to make her sing.

I follow them back. They look like a new couple, coming home from their first date, and she’s told him she’s the type who has sex on a first date. It’s exciting for her, I can tell. And that makes it exciting for me, strangely. Unexpectedly. Oh, I told her my fantasy before. That’s what got us into this. But when she made it reality, I never expected it to feel so powerful.

My heart is pounding even before we’ve reached the dorm. My body is trembling before we’ve each reached the door to her room. My cock is hard before I’m even sitting down in the armchair, watching Oliver strip down to his underwear.

It’s college, I tell myself, trying to act calm. It’s normal to have sex with lots of people. I had always assumed that Ava would have sex with me, and then move on to somebody else. Perhaps that underlying assumption had fed into my fantasy of watching her move on to somebody else.

‘You okay?’ she asks me.

Oliver has his arm around her waist. He glances over at me, quick enough to make sure I haven’t changed my mind and/or turned into a psychopath. I’m impressed at how laidback he seems about it all.

Ava stands, and Oliver stands with her. He peels her dress up her body, revealing her little pink panties, and that fact that she’s not even wearing a bra. Her nipples have been stiff all evening. It’s another reason why she had no difficulty whatsoever drawing interest from other guys at the bar.

She turns to face him, and he’s removing her panties already, but she looks over at me, an amused expression on her face. Saying without words, isn’t this crazy?

He crouches to let her step out of her panties, and his eyes are level with her exposed sex. Unbelievable. She’s had a Brazilian wax job, special for tonight. Oliver’s clearly impressed. The bulge in his Calvin Klein’s is testament to how much he’s impressed.

Ava brushes her hair back over her shoulders, as if she’s worried it will block my view.

This feels weird. There’s a naked man in my girlfriend’s room with her, and it’s not me.

Then she has her hands on the waistband of his underwear, stretching it so she can see what’s inside. Sliding it down his hips so the material catches on his huge erection. Amused and thrilled when it breaks free, standing aloft, jutting out between them.

This feels weird. There’s a naked man in my girlfriend’s room with her, and it’s not me. I’m sitting in the corner, resisting the temptation to get my own cock out, considering the fact that there’s another guy in here with his out, and we all know that line about too many cooks. Or is it ‘cocks’? It works both ways.

I could be a ghost. The ghost of her old boyfriend, dealing with her moving on to someone new after my passing. This story could have a twist ending like The Sixth Sense. A new spin on the O-face. Oh.

But this is no ghost story. I’m really sitting here, and Ava is really climbing onto her bed, completely naked, with a naked Oliver lying beside her. His hands are on her breasts. He kisses one of her nipples, and then her neck. I’m pleased he doesn’t kiss her mouth. Somehow, that makes me feel better.

Then he has his hand on her pussy.

It’s a little shocking how quickly the guy gets to it. It took me a month to get this far with her. Some guys are just this confident, I guess. Actually, it’s kind of nice she gets to have fun with a guy who is so obviously different from me.

He strokes her there, feeling how wet she’s getting already, and how wonderfully smooth she is after her waxing trauma.

And then he’s climbing between her legs, and she’s spreading them for him, a big joyous smile on her face, and to my surprise he ducks down to begin licking her pussy. I suppose I assumed a guy like him would give her his big, hard dick, and that would be that. She might go down on him a little first but then they’d be right into the pounding.

But we’re heading into the second decade of the twenty-first century. He’s taking care of her needs first.

He seems to be enjoying it, too. I feel an ounce of smugness. She’s my girlfriend. I could go down on her any time. I try to remember the last time I did. Honestly, I can’t remember doing it with her. I think of how it usually is between us — she’s always rushing on to penetration. It’s not just my fault we tend to skip to the end, miss out this kind of thing.

She’s gazing down at him, stroking her breasts. Clearly enjoying it. Her mouth is open wide. Oliver is really nuzzling in there. Ava glances over at me again, smirks. Her expression says silently, look at him, he’s licking my pussy. Isn’t it crazy? I smile back, feeling envious that I’m not the one doing that with her. I recall trying, perhaps when we first dated. She gave me the kind of look that said, you don’t have to do that, why don’t you just fuck me?

Well, maybe I do want to do that. Actually, Oliver is kind of inspiring me.

Ava looks across at me again, this time she seems surprised at how he’s making her feel by going down on her. Maybe she’s open to more of this, too. She looks at me, over him, and smiles, and fondles her breasts, and maybe she is suggesting that we give cunnilingus more of a chance in future. Ava brushes her hair back out of her face. It’s already damp with perspiration. Her face is slightly flushed. Is he going to make her come like that?

But then he’s kneeling up, and she’s sitting up, and she’s leaning into him.

Sucking his cock.

I stifle a gasp. My girlfriend has her pretty lips around another man’s dick. Oh God. She strokes him, pumps the lower half of his enormous cock with one hand, while her head sinks on the upper half. She has him kneeling so that they’re somewhat side on to me — so that I can see her face, I can see his cock disappearing into her mouth. And she can look sideways over to me, to monitor my progress. Smile at me while her mouth is full of cock, her eyes sparkling with the constant question: isn’t this just wild?

Okay, it’s too much temptation. My cock is out. It’s not as though Oliver can see me anyway. My cock is out of my pants, and in my hands. I stroke it gently as I watch Ava slurping and suckling and lashing his cock with her tongue, Oliver’s hands on her head so he’s pretty much fucking her face right in front of me.

He lies down on his back, and she continues bobbing her head on him, sucking hard, for ages, as though she thinks she’ll strike oil like this, and become a wealthy woman.

She takes a breath, brushes her hair out of her face, back over her shoulder, while her hand continues to squeeze and pump his hardness. Perhaps she thinks she’ll get him to come early, and then she won’t need to go all the way with him. Because while it would feel nice, having this cock inside her, it would also add some potential complication, it would mean extra risk of me changing my mind and getting offended about what she was doing with him.

Ava looks at me, and it almost feels as though it’s me making love to her.

But he’s not coming yet. She sucks on him some more, but it’s making her go red in the face. She’s got no choice: things are moving on again, at last. He’s up again, and she’s on all fours, and he’s kneeling behind her. Ava gives me that little smirk again, the one that seems to say, is this really happening? God, this is just nuts.

And I see him rolling a condom onto his shaft, and then he’s feeding his cock into her pussy — or at least, with her facing me, I don’t quite see the actual disappearance of his cock into her pussy, but I see him ease into her body, and I register the change in her facial expression as she feels him enter her, stretch her, fill her up completely.

I love it. She’s looking at me, like, I can’t believe how big his cock is. I like her having this experience.

Oliver holds onto her waist with two hands, and starts thrusting into her. Ava looks at me, and it almost feels as though it’s me making love to her. Her body shakes, her breasts quiver under her, her buttocks shudder each time his crotch slams against her.

My girlfriend is cheating on me, and I love it.

As his thrusting continues, Ava’s expression becomes serious. It’s no longer time for contemplating how strange this experience is, how weird it is to be fucking someone else while her boyfriend sits in a chair, watching. He’s really fucking her now. She wants him to fuck her, she wants to come. She’s serious about him fucking her.

I love it. She rolls over onto her back, and he slides in missionary-style.

This is how it would be if Ava broke up with me, and moved on to another guy. Only, I wouldn’t be in the room. It’s a disturbing thought. But somehow, it makes me appreciate her more, it makes me thankful that I’m with her for now.

She’s looking at me funny. I can’t quite interpret… until I can. I catch my breath. My body trembles a little with nerves. But I do as she wants.

I get up from the chair, move on over to the bed. My dick is in my hands, I must look faintly ridiculous. But Ava looks at me as though I’m a birthday present. I can’t help but catch Oliver’s eye as I round the bed and approach my wife’s face. He’s smiling as he continues to thrust into Ava’s sex, but it’s a smile that says he kind of digs how crazy we are. How kinky we are. He certainly likes the fact that he gets to fuck Ava.

As I approach her, she reaches out and grabs hold of my cock. She brings it to her mouth, sucks it straight in. There’s none of the tentative stuff, the licking, the erotic kisses on the tip, the roaming of her hungry eyes all over my shaft. It’s straight in, her mouth hot and wet engulfing me, and then she’s sucking, her head bobbing — though it’s not her moving her head. Oliver moves her head on my cock with each time he thrusts into her.

I’m so close to it, I’m so close to the actual penetration.

The cheating.

I can watch in immense detail how his cock sinks into her again and again, clad in thin latex, but dripping with her juices. I can hear the wet sounds of his root plowing into her furrow. I can smell their cheating sex.

Ava moans and just seems to cling onto me as she’s royally fucked.

Oliver comes inside her, emitting low grunts as he fires off jet after jet within her pussy. His thrusts slow, his body jigs with each shot. I marvel at how strange and awful and incredible and wonderful it is that this stranger is coming inside my girlfriend. I even ignore the fact that he’s wearing a condom. My body reacts to the sense that another male has sewn his seed inside my woman.

Oliver pumps a few last times, and then slowly withdraws from Ava. He peels off the condom, but I don’t really think about it — I’m considering the fact that Ava didn’t come just then. A flaw in her strategy. I’m a little disappointed, if I’m honest. This was supposed to be an incredible experience for her. He was meant to make her come like crazy.

But now she has me lie on the bed, on my back. She straddles me, and lowers herself onto my exposed manhood. I groan as I feel the heat of her pussy envelop it, as I feel how wet she is. How wet and how… stretched. She’s just been fucking another man’s cock. And now she feels unfamiliar.

She enjoys how I feel, her second cock of the evening.

She rides me, and now she is coming. Coming, and sucking on Oliver’s cock again. How is he hard already? Is he some sex god, or am I the unusual one because I cannot fuck again after coming, not until I’ve had a long rest.

I’m struck how dirty it all is. She’s covered in sweat, and her come, and he’s rubbing his wet dick all over her face, all over her mouth, around her lips. She’s coming and then he’s coming again, this time without aid of a condom, his white cream sprays out all over her face, her neck, her breasts.

She comes, and then I come, and I can’t believe we’re here, doing this. That it was so easy rocking up to a bar, for Ava to choose among the guys hitting on her, to take him back to her dorm, to fuck him in front of me.

Afterwards, Oliver goes, and I lie in the darkness with her, both of us naked, sticky, reeking of sex. It’s so dirty, but I don’t mind. I like it that way. She asks me what I want to do. I start licking her, and there’s no hint of her stopping me, telling me I don’t need to do that. I say how I’d like to do that again. Maybe she could try two guys at once.

‘I just did,’ she giggles.

‘Two guys and me.’

‘Oh, my,’ she says.

It’s college. You’re supposed to experiment.

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