У нашій спільноті все горить і несеться. Що саме горить і куди несеться — розповідаємо у дайджесті новин.

За останні 2 тижні до нас доєдналися 19 людей, а загалом нас — 158. Щоб новачкам було простіше зрозуміти, що тут до чого, ми започаткували «посаду» бадді. Відтепер кожному новому учаснику спільноти призначається людина, відповідальна за його онбординг.

– Платон, вот больше 2000 лет прошло с момента твоего учения, но то Государство никто так и не построил, напротив смысл происходящего едва изменился. Недаром утопия и идеальное стала синонимом несуществующего. А полисы были захвачены империями, распавшиеся потом на этносы.

– Да, но где бы мы бы ли если бы не установили структуру реальности. Идеи и идеалы формируют наше мышление, Сатоши. А те в свою очередь наше отношение и поведение. Разве можно хоть сейчас с этим поспорить?

– Звучит логично, но что мешает нам тогда реализовать такой проект? …

We’ve launched a survey to learn more about the DGOV network peeps, their feedback on the work of the foundation, unmet needs and so on to make improvements in the future.

Audience: DGOV network members (~460 people), 24 answers gathered. Here’s what we’ve got.


We’ve got feedback from people from Dgov Foundation, Edgeware, Commons Stack, Aragon Ecosystem, DAO Stack, Abridged, d0rg, Akasha, Kyber Networks, smtngood, DAOincubator as well as some other individual respondents.

Who from this list do you identify yourself with?

  • Community Builder (63%)
  • DAO member / practitioner (58%)
  • Researchers: Governance or Blockchain (54%)
  • Entrepreneur / Founder (50%)

Interactions in the network

How involved are you in the network now? …

Bonjorno, dear Org Hackers, Max here.

This is the #12 issue of our newsletter, meaning that a year passed since we started to do this newsletter. We’re putting a lot of effort to serve the community, please let us know how it works so far — fill in the dgov survey 😍 🙄 🥵. It takes only 3–5 mins but would be super valuable info for us.

Thanks in advance. And let’s get to the updates.

👩👨 Dgov Network Updates

Community highlights

We’ve built the dgov network map with graph commons tool. Follow the link reorder and click play to see how it moves dynamically —…

Dear friends and partners, here’s our regular updates on our work

Productivity: 20 points. We’ve outlined specific research topics and generated a lot of new ideas for research.

Research network governance solutions by Max

  • ‌Make clear the potential value of the Tribute incentive: conducted the design sprint, Phil Honigman has collected some interviews, are going to publish the results soon
  • Published the report on Getting more insights from the Ethereum Carbonvote
  • Increasing the volume of signals for Ethereum EIPs: we’ve applied to Moloch DAO to get some funding for our strategy, but unfortunately got the reject with a slight cliff. Anyways going to EthBerlin with Kirill…

Ola, Org Hackers, Max here.

July is the traditional vacation month, but we never stop and have produced more cool updates for you. Hope you’ve got some rest yourself =)

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Dgov Network Updates

Community highlights

This month we’re welcoming

  • Rob Allen from eosDAC, fully operational distributed governance focused project running on multiple eosio chains
  • Julius Schmidt, active as a validator in various POS systems
  • Rebecca Johnson, cofounder of the European Blockchain Association and a blockchain architect for Datarella
  • Anna Muir, Governance professional and in-house lawyer with NZ and international experience
  • Eric Arsenault, works on DAO stuff
  • Donna Wate, a female medical doctor and founder of…

We’ve made a design sprint around the topic of adoption and usability for the crypto wallets. Our focus was on the wallet creation process, making it more fun and usable specifically. This challenge was selected based on the idea that storing a password on paper or memorizing isn’t good enough for the mass market. Done with Oleg Bugrovoy, Eugene Reznik, Stas Varetsky and Max Semenchuk.

Initial research

Most of the wallets now propose the mnemonic phrase and sometimes private key extraction. Gnosis Safe is researching recovery mechanisms leveraging know-your-customers (KYC) providers based on smart contracts. If people lost access to their funds…

This is a part of the research on the improvement of the Ethereum governance, specifically by clustering of addresses, which participated in coinvotes and EIP-186 carbonvote specifically. Results are intended to provide some additional insights on different stakeholder stances (holders, users, app developers) for that and future governance proposals. Made with Malkevych Bohdan


Ethereum governance is a complex multi-stakeholders system governing the changes to the protocol. It’s a mixture of formal proposals management (EIPs) process and less formal signalling & discussion made through calls, forums, tiwtter, reddit, events and more. …

Hi my dear org hackers, Max here.

June was pretty hot in all aspects — check out all the updates we’ve prepared for you to.

Network development


We’re maintaining and expanding the ecosystem map by type and by geography. Overall there’re 400+ members in the community, 300+ subscribers to this newsletter and 200+ in the telegram chat. Only people working in dgov implementation, research etc. If you need to use those channels to transmit the information — get in touch.

Web3 dgov node

It’s happening, we’ll have 3 days with different focus (law & philosophy, market & incentives, soft governance). Check out an early draft…



Max Semenchuk

Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX. Research & Play with #Decentralization, #Holacracy, #Lean, #DAO. http://maxsemenchuk.com

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