Here is the thing, I think African-Americans are good for the country. But its this Liberal cultural mentality that driving me nuts. Give me, you owe me, it isn’t my fault, tax whitey, you didn’t do that — we made it happen, its whiteys/crackers fault. Prosecute the White Cop, because no matter the the facts — He’s guilty and we want it now. The “Hands Up Don’t shoot” Lie and other things like this that drives people nuts. King obama only see things in one color (Black). Its always whitey fault. Well, People need to take responsibility for their actions. You and your Left Wing Pals call the Tea Party-ers Racist Terrorist. Did they start and cause any riots, burn cities down, loot stores time and time again ? The other half America is getting tired of the excuses. If its a white racist man’s world, as you claim, How come Asians, Indians, and other ethnic cultures are succeeding. Keep it up, and the rest of America will keep thier business away. Its time that this culture changes and joins the rest of the melting pot. There is plenty here to have. But you have to earn it, The Free thing is over with.

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