ExpressJS vs Actix-Web. It is exactly what you think

The goal of this analysis is to try to understand what kind of gains a programmer should expect by using Rust and actix-web rather than Node and Express under typical use, without custom optimizations.


Test scenario and setup

Load test

1. Fetch top 10 tasks

Conclusion: for loaded systems we will need 6 times less CPU Cores with actix than with node.js which is 85% cost saving.

Actix can fully utilize cheap 2+ core cloud instances, while Node would require more expensive instances with more memory.

2. Search and fetch tasks with description

Actix-web and Rust ecosystem are a good fit for developing efficient web services, requiring ~6 times less CPU power and less memory it would allow significant 75%-95% runtime cost saving with just basic not optimized setup.

Implementation notes

const tasks = knex.from('tasks').innerJoin('workers as assignee', '', 'tasks.assignee_id' );

Efficiency and quality are important aspects in software engineering

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