You’re english is just great, and isn’t it amazing that two strangers can have this kind of conversation, here, like this?

And I never fret. Or at least, I try not to — especially when we’re trying to exchange ideas and challenge one another.

For the record, I completely agree — the kind of full on free-school education might not suit every child, but I don’t believe for one second that more freedom to choose, even in some small ways, wouldn’t be a massive improvement on the outcomes we get currently from education.

But for the record (and potentially contradicting myself), I met someone this morning who introduced self-directed (totally free and open) learning to a whole, mainstream school of 11–14 year-olds, of very mixed ability, and almost all gained massive advantages from it.

Lastly, the question of what world are we preparing them for is a big one. And very personal. You and I might have very different views on this, which is just fine.

For me, I don’t hold with the idea that there is a ‘way that the world is’ which we must prepare our children for. At best, there is a ‘way that the world might be in 12 years time that we don’t really know about’. At worst it’s a subjective story that we each tell about the world as we see it.

My very personal bias is towards preparing children to find their way in whatever world they find themselves in, and to shape it from a place of curiousity and compassion.

There are, of course, 10,000 ways to do this :)

My best,


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