Apple watch expectations

For fuller thoughts, check my previous article: “It’s time to go post-Elizabethan on our smartwatch assumptions”

  • Having lived with Pebble on and off for a long while, across both Android and iOS, I already have a feel for most of what to expect. 90% of the time, nothing. Then every now and then, a nice little opportunity for an app or notification to surface with the ultimate convenience.
  • Not expecting much from current “apps” versus what we’ll see when they go native later in the year. Android + Pebble offered some of the most interesting opportunities i.e. directing you using maps/ GPS, Evernote shopping list, Foursquare checkins. But it still feels like a prototype.
  • Couldn’t care less about battery. If you seriously still pretend that you can expect your devices to last longer than a day, where have you been living for the last 5 years? Man up and plug things in.
  • Even if it’s a little bulky, it’s a step up from Pebble in style and desirability. It can’t possibly not be.
  • There’s a behaviour I want it to help me destroy: walking around with my phone out. If it means I can use my phone less, or even put it in my bag, I’m wondering about trying an iPhone 6+ in conjunction with it. That way, it will put me off getting it out of my bag, I’ll use devices less but I’ll still be able to take quick actions via my Watch.
  • There’s nothing this could conceivably do that would make it worth the £300+ price tag for a normal person. But, just as the first iPhone was a pale outline of what started to reach its stride with iPhone 4 onwards, I expect the same to happen here. So if it’s slow, or there’s a lack of polish in certain areas, that couldn’t be less of a concern to me. It’s a start, it’s not going to get worse.

I’ll update this list with early findings then likely some longer term thoughts in time.