Do Women Really Want Equality?
Nikita Coulombe

Great article and great to see another women prepared to speak up on behalf of men. Just to remind the pushers and perpetrators of this now 50 year plus asinine gender war, these men were/are some mother’s son and some sister’s brother. You continue to hurt one half of the human species you hurt both.

It is bizarre that at least one ‘attacker’ claims that abuse against men is not ignored and that with your article you ignore abuse against women. An incredible claim with could easily be disproved by examining column inches in newspapers given over to abuse and who does it and who is affected. Truly a claim belonging in feminist fantasy land. Abuse against men alongside many other issues (boys increasing failure in education, suicide, homeless etc) is routinely ignored by the mainstream media and by far the most amount of public money is spent on women’s issues. To attack the odd article that talks on male/men’s issues is just another example of the what feminism is truly about…female supremacy…and then only for certain types of women.

Be aware though this whole gender war is a classic divide and rule common to empire through history…follow the money as to why it continues. Even the odd brave fem (eg Nancy Fraser) has explored the intertwining of the neo-liberal (global corporatist) agenda and that of feminism. The latter was pushed by the former because its divisive antics suited the changes wanted to the marketplace.

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