How I survived Burning Man
Ariel Meranus

Been going there 8 years and will keep at it as long as I can.

Now, the whole experience consists of 2 parts — surviving and enjoying/contributing.

Surviving does take some effort, but given proper preparation is no big deal. My list is 2 pages — one to bring from home (East Coast) and one to buy locally. Lists are getting fine tuned each year and cover pretty much everything by now. And in general — think about it — 70K people go there and come back alive. Chances are you’ll be one of them.

As for enjoying and contributing — that is actually more important and harder to accomplish. Your mental state, expectation level, ability to catch the flow, open mindedness — all come into play. For some folks it comes naturally, for others it requires radical perception shift, however all well worth the effort IMHO, of course.

See ya in the dust!

— M

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