A Smarter “Fresno State” Campus with Amazon Enterprise IoT Buttons and AWS Serverless Cloud

at CalState Tech Conference 2018

The first 15 attendees with an AWS account created will receive a free programmable AWS IoT Button for the hands-on experience sponsored by Amazon Web Services. Please refer to http://bit.ly/csutech2018IoT for additional information.

You are here probably to get ready for receiving a Free AWS IoT Buttons and interested in the NO CODE hands-on experience. Here is what you need to do to receive one:

  • Show Max the app with successfully login to receive a Button.

About the presentation

Fresno State has been exploring Internet of Things and successfully completed several pilot implementations of Amazon Enterprise IoT Buttons as one of BOLD Digital Innovation initiatives toward a Smart Fresno State Campus with the partnership of DISCOVERe program, Library, campus Police Department, and Auxiliary. This session will share the pilot experiences and walk through the design and development process of sending SMS text alerts, email notifications, and Slack integration with 1-Click. Additionally, the presentation blends with interactive activities to engage participants through the demonstration of deploying IoT Enterprise buttons, enrolling in AWS IoT platform, and developing Lamda functions with DynamoDB.

About Fresno State IoT Smart Campus initative

Presentation Demos (Coming Soon)

  • The Basics: Program the AWS IoT Buttons without Codes.
  • Empower the AWS IoT Buttons to do your own things !
  • The AWS IoT Buttons as a Data Trigger!
  • Know How Your Things Are Doing!
  • An Office Climate App: How Are You Doing Today?