Collaboration of Technology Innovation for the New Student Union


A Project Partnership of DX and Student Involvement

Project Partners

  • Technology Services / Digital Transformation (DX)
    Max Tsai — Lead, Orland Leon — Sponsor
  • Student Involvements (SI)
    Jerry Gomez — tbd, Colin Stewart — tbd

Project Goal:

It is our hope that we will have our student technology innovators, student leaders, and staff of Student Involvement and Hub of Digital Transformation at Technology Services come together to envision how to best serve the next generation of students through AI and Robotic automation. These teams will spend the next 22 months planning, designing, experimenting, and executing a bold vision for student success within the new student union.

Areas of Technology Innovation:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotic Autonomous

The Team

Subject Matter DevelopersJeff Bezos instituted a rule: every internal team should be small enough that it can be fed with two pizzas. The goal wasn’t to cut down on the catering bill. It was, like almost everything Amazon does, focused on two aims: efficiency and scalability.

Form DX:

  • Design Phase: 1 x Innovation Business Analyst, 2 x Subject Matter Developers and 1 x Lead Technology intern
  • Lean Prototype Phase: + 1 x UX intern
  • Prototype Phase: d/p on product design (this could be 2 to 10 technology interns as needed)

From SI:

SI: tbd


  • Discover (lead by SI and assisted by DX)
  • Design (lead by SI and co-facilitate by DX)
  • Develop ( lead by DX and assisted by SI)
  • Delivery ( lead by DX and co-facilitate by SI)
    From Orlando, the outcome of this project is to create proposals and lean prototypes (proof of concept) for the consideration of implementation and kicks off formal IT Program Management
    Colin, Thoughts from your area?


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“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.”

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