Technology Innovation at Fresno State

ay2017–18 Current and Future State

Max Tsai, the Innovation Architect (IA), champions innovative changes and technology-enabled solutions. The key responsibility is to assess the future state of technology innovation at Fresno State and align current innovation efforts to move toward that future state.

Last updated: 09/2017


  • Quick Win/Current: AWS IoT Enterprise Buttons (
  • Next: 
    Open Source IoT Hub/Smart Home Automation
    An Open Source IoT Hub (Smart Home Automation System) is the device that ties your Smart (IoT) devices together with a Single Universal interface.

Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning

  • Quick Win/Current: A.I. Chatbot
    Transform knowledge management in the enterprise thru Chatbots, cognitive search, natural language processing (NLP), and semantic technologies to accelerate the ability of humans to find what they need to do their jobs.
  • Next: Cognitive Computing — Signal processing with sound, visual-image/video, and biological measurements, e.g. Observing student engagement in classes via EDA things (i.e. and

Could Computing

  • Quick Win/Current: AWS Educate
    Provide students and educators with the (Free) resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning endeavors.
  • Next:
    Virtual Labs (Application Streaming, Pen Test), Researching Computing, Big Data and Analytics (Learning Analytics), and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Virtual / Augmented / Merged (Mixed) Reality

  • Quick Win/Current: WebVR and exploring MR (Microsoft Hololen)
  • Next: tbd

Student Mobile Intranet

  • The Mobile Student Intranet is designed to deliver mobile-first engagement across the Student Life Cycle. With our Student Experience-Based Dynamic Content Strategy, students stay informed whenever and wherever via the devices of their choice, including wearables.
  • More information at:
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