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Mauro Zukerman, apresentador de TV

In 1981, Mauro Zukerman began his career in Brazilian television presenting Gazeta’s Mosaico TV program. The program was recorded on Thursdays, and aired on Sundays.

In one of the recordings, his stuttering attacked; yes, a light stutter, which Mauro fought to get around. One of the technical professionals of the then program played with Mauro and said: “Today it is difficult, huh, it would be easier to work with Silvio Santos”, in an allusion to the stuttering of the SBT owner. Mauro laughed, but he had it in his head.

Working with Silvio Santos
It was the year 1983, and Silvio Santos was already in charge of TVS SBT, when he opened a contest for professional speakers in the program New Talents. Helena Zukerman, Mauro’s wife, insisted that her husband sign up; he was reluctant, because he did not consider himself a professional announcer. Helena, who had always had great importance not only in Mauro’s personal life, but also in her professional life, insisted, saying, “What harm is there? After all, you’re a TV presenter, and that makes you professional. “

Mauro agreed. He recalls being in a big queue for 5 hours, at Vila Guilherme, TVS headquarters and then SBT, when a producer asked what he was doing. Upon learning that Mauro was already presenter, the director of the program asked him to read a text. And so he was immediately invited to participate in the first edition of the program, which, in other categories, revealed talents like singer Elimar Santos.

In the final of the New Talents
Mauro went through all the stages of the contest and made it to the final. But he never had to compete, as he was hired as TVS SBT host. At the time, the presenters were divided among several programs, and Mauro, for 10 years, led some of the biggest TV shows of the time, like Price is Right, Musicamp, Session Pastime, Newspaper of the City, Newspaper 24h, Noticentro, Show of Afternoon, Telesena and Show of Freshmen, among others.

Auctions — A Passion
Despite success on TV, Mauro Zukerman has always had another great passion: the auctions. His father and grandfather, in Argentina, worked in the area, which made him very close to this market. For him, since the age of fifteen, he knew that his fate had been traced: one day he would be an auctioneer.

At age 26, Mauro got his permit. Still on television, he began to have problems with the agenda, since the events he participated in took place in various parts of Brazil. Having a fixed appointment limited him. He then chose to leave the TV to auction, and was born one of the largest auctioneers in Brazil.