IT job market in Ukraine: 2015 in review

[The numbers given in this presentation are based on our own research and data we collected running and Firstly presented during Lviv IT Arena in October 2015. Version in Russian can be read on]


90,000 developers now work in tech, up 20% from 2014

Number of developers working in IT/tech industry now approaching 100,000. Largest top-25 software companies employ about a quarter of them. Majority of these big companies specialise in selling IT outsourcing services to customers in US & Western Europe.

TOP25 companies by # of engineers employed

Bigger companies are growing slower than the rest of the market — 7% vs 20%. This can be attributed to country risks — their customers are typically large banks and other big companies with strict risk management policies. To mitigate that, many of these TOP25 companies open offices in Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria and relocating some of their staff there.

Majority of Ukraine developers work in outsourcing
86% of the worforce located in just one of the top 5 cities
English knowledge


In September 2013 about 900 jobs were posted on receiving 1,000 applications. September 2015 saw 1,500 jobs and more than 4,000 applications.

On average, job posting receives ~6 applications. But junior positions, QA and PM receive many more than more senior jobs.

Jobs posted, by title
Applications received, by title

5% a year leaving Ukraine for good

There are no hard data on how many developers leaving the country and whether the rate is accelerating or not. So far the biggest force are Ukrainian companies setting up offices in Poland and other neighbouring countries.

Salaries are stable

Average salary by city

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