Web Accessibility is a well-known web innovation among developers, so why does it end up last on the priority list?

You might have heard of Web Accessibility (WA), a11y or WAI at some point in time, which wouldn’t be surprising as it has been around since 1996…-ish. WA was developed around the time the internet was still being served through a dial-up connection (which is the slowest imaginable internet connection). However, even though the innovation has been around for some time, the European Commission concluded in 2010 that the implementation of WA was only around 5%. So what has lead to Web Accessibility not being implemented widely?

The problem

When we look at the history of Web Accessibility — like we did…

Peer-to-peer holds the potential to change the way you get your favorite website, so when do we start implementing it?

Roughly 18 years ago, you were likely first introduced to the concept of Peer-to-peer by applications like Napster or LimeWire. The technology for Peer-to-peer, today, is used a little different by applications that adopted it. The primary use cases now are for serving data, discover other users nearby or in some cases even make you more anonymously. Let’s say this is a technique that is much used around the internet in so many applications but is relatively unused in a web browser and I might understand why.

The internet that we now know and use today is far from what…

Audio in general plays a big role in most people’s lives, but where did it go on the web?

The web as I know it is a place where you get to explore all kinds of topics. It never stops to amaze me what people build and publish. But if we take a closer look at websites, at how we make them interactive, great to look at…. why do we stop there? Why do we not implement audio? This got me curious, so I started to look at the current audio landscape.

As of May 2018, Google announced to “Improve autoplay” for their Chrome browser. In short, they have changed the behavior for autoplays on websites that have media…

Max van der Schee

Front-end developer.

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