Magento Development services in India

Magento is an open source e-Commerce platform written and developed in PHP, which provides online merchants with a flexible e-Cart system, as well as the entire control over their online store like looks, content and the functionality. Magento provides powerful Catalog Management, marketing and search engine optimization tools. Magento is the foremost enterprise class e-Commerce platform. Every 1 out of 4 online e-Commerce websites is based on Magento. Authorizing more than over 200,000 online retailers to date around the globe. These days, Magento comes to number one in e-Commerce website design and development. There are several reasons for choosing Magento as your e-Commerce website platform. Magento’s Capability to scale permits shops with very fewer products and simply needs to easily evolve to tens of thousands of products and complex custom behavior without changing platforms. It offers several themes and plugins which are very useful in enhancing customer’s experience. Magento is designed to be used as an application by a person who is not a developer.

Why Magento

If it is still not clear that why Magento e-Commerce development is so much popular, here are the top advantages and reasons for choosing Magento.

Magento is Free

As stated earlier, Magento is an open source platform and hence comes with many features which are totally free. It is a fast growing and big technology. Because of its uniqueness and thousands of extensions, it is most liked by the developers.

Less efforts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Magento has a distinctive feature ‘Magento SEO’. This feature helps in better optimization of an e-Commerce website. Many issues like duplicate content, page traffic, landing pages, indexing are easily managed by the Magento SEO.

Developers Friendly

In Magento, It is very easy to add pages and update the content of the website. The navigation and linking of the pages are also very easy and these features save a lot of time of the developers, this is why Magento is very friendly to the developers.


As Magento is written in PHP, it is very easy to make the addition of new features according to the requirement which will scale your solution.


If an e-Commerce website’s server is running on a separate system, the information of that eCommerce website like products, orders, transactions and the record of the customers are completely private. Magento can restrict the third party access. This security feature is very important which is provided by the Magento.

Mobile Friendly

The mobile apps of Magento permit store integration over multiple devices to work effectively on mobiles, smartphones, notebooks, iPads etc. this is just because, Magento is mobile friendly.


The shopping cart development in Magento is a very user-friendly feature and assist customers in following the step by step process for purchasing the desired product. Magento provides more than 50 payment gateway options to customers.

Marketing Tools

Promotion is a very important aspect of any business. Magento has several technologies and tools which help in promoting your e-Commerce business. It can collect many unique options like private sales, flexible coupons, multi-tier pricing and landing pages tools for campaign etc.

Multiple Store Management

Magento makes an online business running 24x7 stress-free. Magento can manage multiple stores with the single admin panel with its unique product catalog. Before Magento, running multiple stores from one admin panel was inappropriate.

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