The New Age of Content Marketing: Storytelling

Storytelling has revamped the content marketing ‘playbook’, and it seems that every successful, or want to be successful business, has taken part in this dynamic way of introducing the product or service to possible consumers. Although, storytelling in a business setting doesn’t go without it’s fair share of judgment.

Personally, I think storytelling in marketing is a great way to make the company or product relatable to the possible consumer, while making the advertisement itself compelling enough to grab the consumer’s attention. In this day and age, grabbing a consumer’s attention can seem daunting and near impossible due to the hundreds, if not thousands, of messages that we receive each day.

If done well, these storytelling messages can gain support and increase the number of sales. For example, Johnnie Walker’s advertisement on the foundation and the journey of the company, and using the slogan “Keep Walking” is an excellent example of content marketing and storytelling being done properly. These kinds of advertisements entice the consumer to consider that brand the next time they make a purchase, in this case, for whiskey.

However, if done poorly, these messages may do more harm than good. Something’s that can occur in storytelling that can damage the initial message include embellishing, being cliché with the kind of stories told, and poor word choice. These kinds of errors can blur the message being sent across and almost undo the work that had been put into the marketing message, and might even cause the company or product to lose credibility in the process.

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