Friends and followers of BriefMe,

I write with some unfortunate news. In short, due to a lack of funding, we are now beginning the process of winding down BriefMe and will be turning off the servers next week.

Since launching on the App Store in the spring of 2015, users have read tens of millions of articles on BriefMe, exploring the top stories people care about in real time. Our users are extremely passionate, but after pursuing every possible path, we no longer have a sustainable avenue forward for the company.

Over recent months we’ve been developing a significant update however we haven’t been able to secure another round of funding to finish and get this work to market. Without sufficient capital to provide BriefMe the energy and attention it deserves we have decided to move forward in the best possible manner for our team, supporters and users. Although this is tough news to swallow, we’re proud of the awards, features and recognition we’ve received along the way. From hitting the #1 spot on the App Store’s news section to a feature on The Today Show, it’s been a great ride and we’re very pleased to have introduced ranked news to so many. …


Maxwell P. Campion

Founder @BriefMe

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