How does Hotmail webmail service work?

Hotmail is a free emailing platform offered by Microsoft that gives you 24/7 free access to your mailbox where you can access your mails anytime you want and you are able to keep spam mails out of your inbox. Apart from a number of services offered by Windows application and services, Hotmail offers a number of unique features that are beneficial and useful.


It’s a free webmail service where users can register for free and it’s quite easy to send and receive emails. Each of mail account is secured by a strong password and whenever you want to access your mail account your username and password are required. This mail service is hosted on servers that allow you to check your mail from anywhere just an internet connection is required and allows you to keep your files and messages without having to download them to your device.


This mail service requires some basic information that helps in creation and setting up of your mail account. You just need to select a username that ends with “” or “”. It will ask you to enter some information like date of birth, name, country, ZIP code that keeps your account updated. In case, you are interested in using your mail account with an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird you can do so.

Sending And Receiving Email

Once you create an email account and login to your account it will take to your mailbox where you get an option to compose an email. You can check your emails by visiting your mailbox and once you open an email then just go to “Reply” option and you can send a reply to your email and you also have options to attach files, pictures, hyperlinks, emoticons to your emails. Once you click on “Send” you are able to send an email in this way.

Email Filtering

In this mail service, you get a chance to have a control on the flow of your email messages. Filters help on keeping the junk mails out from your inbox and you can find the safe and unsafe addresses, you also get a chance to create folders where you can organize your emails and you can save contacts in the list.

Windows Live Integration

Windows live messenger can be installed to chat with your contacts and Sky Drive where you can upload and share files. For more information, make a call on Hotmail customer care number UK.

Summary: Hotmail offers commendable features that allow its users to access this mail service up to its level best.

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