Three Practical Books On The Occult

“Occult” is a word that carries many connotations. When some hear it, they picture pentagrams and symbols laced with religious meaning. Others picture musty old tomes written in obscure languages. These pictures vary from person to person. Each image carries with it the idea that the occult is something mysterious, forbidden, alluring, arcane. “Occult” means all of those things. By following the occult, learning about it, you will have attained knowledge that few know.

For those who would like to transform themselves, master their consciousness, attain true freedom; this list is for you. All of these books serve as an initiation into the endlessly broad and ever expanding world of the occult.

3. Prometheus Rising

Prometheus was a Titan. One that is found in Greek mythology. Quite famously, he gave humanity the gift of fire and the skill of metalwork. For this, he was punished by Zeus. Zeus tied him to an immovable rock and saw to it that an eagle ate his liver every single day. Hopefully, your Promethean journey will end on a more positive note.

Prometheus Rising is a book fit for the Titan in all of us. It is all about reclaiming something that is more important than fire or metal, your mind. Reclaiming your mind from nasty habits, belief systems, mental imprints, and everything else that litters our minds. In order to reclaim our mind, we must understand our mind, understand how it works, and understand how we can control it.

Throughout the book, Robert Anton Wilson presents us with many different exercises and challenges. Please, do the exercises. Without the exercises, this book would not be as valuable or influential. Exercises in this book generally consist of things like switching your belief system for a week, doing some form of yoga, meditating, and “hypnotizing” yourself. Read this book. Do the exercises. Begin your initiation.

2. Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation And Other Devices

Between this and Prometheus Rising, there is quite a bit of overlap. Christopher Hyatt and Robert Anton Wilson were good friends. They shared many of the same beliefs and ideas about the mind. So, expect to see a lot of the same stuff brought up. Mentions of “reality-tunnels” and what not. It is important that you understand both your mind and body. They both go hand in hand, and you cannot operate one without the other.

Much like Prometheus Rising, this is a book that is filled to the brim with exercises. Exercises that have the potential to change your life. Unlike Prometheus Rising, the exercises in this book have more to do with the body, rather than the mind. Exercises that have to do with breathing. Exercises that have to do with yoga. Exercises that have to do with opening your “third eye”. All of this is written in a playful tone that isn’t afraid to flirt with humor.

1. Harold And The Purple Crayon

Harold And The Purple Crayon is a fantastic children’s book, one of my all-time favorites. Much like Calvin And Hobbes, this story is all about a child who has a very special power — one that will aid you the most during your occult journey — imagination.

If you trace back all of the great things that have come out of this world, everything from the computer to the particle accelerator you will find that imagination was the source. Without imagination, our world would look very different. Without imagination, we might be something other than “human”. Harold And The Purple Crayon stresses the importance of imagination.

Harold doesn’t follow a predetermined path, instead, he draws his own path. Harold isn’t happy with the world, so he builds a better one. Harold is someone who recognizes the power that lies inside him. Harold uses that power.

You have that power. Use it. The world could use a few more people like you.