Joy milk tea makes dairy (black label) and dairy free (white label) milk teas that taste as great as they function.
Joy milk tea makes dairy (black label) and dairy free (white label) milk teas that taste as great as they function.

On a mission to cure beverage boredom.

It’s a party it’s a party it’s a launch party! 🎉

We love milk tea. We can’t imagine a world without it. That love for milk tea, although unbreakable, really isnt what this is all about. For us, this is really about choice. It’s about small decisions in your everyday life that you have become numb to. Yeah, what you drink is a super small choice, but every little thing counts right?

That’s where this all began, with a small choice. Another venti S******** iced americano or try something new? I chose to try something new… but quickly realized there really wasn’t anything new to break the mundane. Coffee is everywhere, on every block. It comes in all shapes and sizes, flavors, varieties, strengths, but at the end of the day it’s still just coffee. I was stuck.

I started to think about milk tea. Why can’t milk tea be less sweet, more functional, and made with real stuff? That was the beginning of this idea of Joy Milk Tea. When we started Joy we really wanted something to replace coffee. But as we introduced it to others, we learned there was so much more to this milk tea thing than we thought.

We’re obsessed with bringing highly functional and delicious real milk tea to America. But more importantly, we’re on a mission to cure beverage boredom.

We’re really excited for this opportunity to build a brand around such a special drink. Now that we’re launched you can expect two things. Without question you can expect amazing milk tea that is as functional and healthy as it is tasty. Oh, and a vegan version for every variety. We’re commited to this idea that milk tea is a comfort drink, but also functional, and doesnt need to be as sweet as candy, ew.

Second, expect us to change. We want to be introspective and not get too comfortable. Tea is amazing, there are thousands of varieties, and unlike any other beverage category we don’t just “make flavors” we create entirely unique experiences with special functions. How could we confine ourselves to just a few varietals? Sure we’ll have staples, like a typical black milk tea, or a matcha milk tea, but we want to take this opportunity to really explore the possibilities and push the limit of this drink.

That’s all for now, let’s keep in touch on IG: @joymilktea. I can’t thank the people who have been here from day 1, you know who you are. Can’t wait to see where this goes, and who joins our caffinated milk tea revolution. Order Joy at

Peace ✌️


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