20% text rule is probably a pretty big issue on most of these I’m guessing.
Joe Murfin

Hey Joe we actually don’t have any issue with the 20% rule. I think Facebook allows us to include more than 20% text because it’s actually on the product. We’ve run hundreds of ads and spent tens of thousands of dollars without a single rejection due to that rule. It’s either incredible luck or because it’s on the product.

In regards to the CTR I tried to preface the article as best I could that this ranking was based purely on ROI. We had dozens of ads with 5%+ CTRs (several very niche ads with 10%+) but they didn’t have great ROIs. Early on our focus was primarily on CTR and CPC, but we weren’t breaking even with these ads. Once we switched our focus to ROI and Cost Per Conversion we started making serious money with our ads.

At the end of the day every ad campaigns can have a wide variety of objectives: brand awareness, lead gen, generating website traffic, increases sales, etc. CTR may be the most important metric for one type of campaign, whereas ROI may be the most important for another.

I completely agree about your last 2 points!

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