My thoughts...

Waking up is a usual thing because you know what to expect during the following day even if you are not so accurate. As long as you have a rough mental picture of an inception of an idea on how the next day will turn out to be, the day will turn out to be great.

Thursday evening my mind was working overtime trying to figure out how Friday will be.

Friday was an awesome day. I had awesome expectations and was not disappointed. Actually, all that I was thinking would happen turned out to be the total opposite. The people were few, there was good relations among people, the hosts/facilitators were friendly and very social so I just quit assuming and had to live that day at that exact time.

The regime, is very unique. I have not been open to such a conducive environment in a very long time but it delights my heart knowing that such environs exists in this time and age.

I am not certain that it is my beliefs that are obscuring my view of things since I tend to view all the possible scenarios; worst case, best case and the most realistic and likely scenario. I keep all in mind but focus on what is currently happening at that exact time.

My days have been short of sleep, and time respects no man so waking up early and staying up late has actually become the norm for me. The curriculum is what enticing me to see the lengths that the Andela team wants us to be superb at what we do. This is very commendable because, as much as our skills are important for excellence, they are not everything since who you are as an individual is equally important.

I had to ask for a favour from my Uncle and Aunt so that I can stay in the vicinity near Kilimani in comparison to staying in Dagoretti which is on the other side of town with traffic in between. To enforce my grip on time and arriving earlier than expected, I personally had to make that call.

My studies have been great and all that I have been reading has been taken in and have learnt so much in the past couple of days. That is all that I could seek; knowledge. No one can know everything but I have to try anyway.

Life and experiences have a funny way of telling you that you do not know anything but insists on learning everything which is quite ironical.

As I settle in the sitting room typing this, I cannot help but be anxious — evident from my hands sweating profusely — since I do not know how things will turn out to be.

Sitting back and thinking where I have come from, is all that holds me together and helps me carry out each day knowing that I am not descending from point A to point B, but ascending to the top most point, not necessarily point B but to the point where I personally think I should be and how far I am willing to take myself to the limits of life and come out successful. That progression and knowing that there is improvement in what I do helps me bear anything and everything knowing that the end is definitely worth all the sacrifice I do now.

I always keep in mind that, “The things I need to hear are not the things I want to hear, once I can deal with that I can deal with anything.”

Therefore, that helps me take criticism positively in order to better myself and become a person of value in society.