Ultimatum or choice.

It is all about what you tell your mind and how you set your mind to will also determine to what lengths you will be able to commit to a certain task. On a personal point of view, I did not feel like waking up in the morning, but why did I? I can just sleep in and rest and my tasks will be planned later on. Then why did I wake up?

This is because I set my objective as an ultimatum in which, procrastination is not an option. Yesterday, I was not planning to sleep at all and was doing some studies on APIs and all they entail but my body took a toll. I increased my ‘dose’ of coffee to no avail. It was 2200 hrs and then suddenly it was 2300 hrs. I dosed off since my body reached its maximum limit and it was at that point that I knew I had to take a rest.

So far so good, the reading is going on well, actually better than expected. Inquiry is very important and my fellow group members have assisted me gain grip on certain projects.

Experiences are what craft a person and what you experience will entirely determine who you are and who you will be.

This curriculum and our daily objectives makes me smile knowing that I am learning something new every day — I believe that a day without any learning has all gone to waste since you have not bettered yourself in any way — which will help me impact the society positively. Knowledge is not owned and cannot be possessed by any individual but must be shared. That is why when I was in secondary school and primary school and someone refused to help me with their dictionary or text book I would ask, “Why are you denying me knowledge?”. I would grin and walk away knowing that knowledge is nobody’s property.

So far, I have learnt much in the past couple of days cannot wait to share to any interested party; it is amazing! Not only is it good to share to anyone what you have learnt but also helps one get firm grip on what they are doing since you will be constantly reviewing what you have learnt, bettering and finding alternative and more efficient methods to do a certain task. I never knew I would ever use GitHub, let alone understand most of what is revolving git.

As much as the boot camp is very demanding; the deadlines coming sooner than expected, I love it. I do not need follow up to deliver on what is needed, just clarity on what is needed to be done and that will give me a good take off on what I am doing. My progress on the curriculum is going good, actually just finished on outcome 13 but will need some further review on what I have done.

In a nut shell, how is boot camp?

“The growing hardness is making me love it the more!” That would definitely be my answer.

A choice is something that can make you forfeit from a situation at any given time. Therefore, the view of tasks has an impact on how you carry out your tasks. In retrospect, when pushed to a corner on a task that has been viewed as a choice you are more likely to get demotivated and drop the task seeking easier alternatives.

Thus my view of tasks and initiatives as an ultimatum gives me the cutting edge zeal to go at them with all my might.